10 unique Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriends

10 unique Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriends

Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend
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Every year, all corners of the world celebrate the day Valentine which falls on the date February 14. This moment is usually celebrated with a romantic dinner. To make it more meaningful, you can also give gifts Valentine for the boyfriend.

Gifts like flowers and chocolates have become common for almost everyone. Of course, you don’t want to spend this Valentine’s Day without memories, do you?

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So, what are the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your girlfriend that you can give?

So, this time, we have some recommendations for Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can give to your loved one.

1. Terrarium the beautiful

Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend
Terrarium 14r 39x23x23 Cm – Green

Only 140 thousand IDR

The trend of the mini garden is still a favorite of many people because it can give a fresh impression to the room. Well, this can be an interesting gift idea for lovers who like succulent plants as terrariums.

In addition to looking beautiful because of its unique shape, this terrarium is very easy to maintain. You can also make it as a decoration on the table. So, imagine the reaction of the couple that you will always remember every time you see this gift?

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2. Photo in Frame

Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend
Ataru acrylic photo frame 19×14 cm

Only 90 thousand IDR

You must have a favorite photo with your partner, right? Whether it’s when celebrating special days or when on vacation together. Don’t let these sweet memories just get stored on your laptop or mobile phone.

It is better to print the photo to be embedded in a beautiful photo frame. In addition to this, you can also insert romantic words in it.

3. Gifts Valentine Aromatherapy

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Candle Lite Apple Cinnamon Lilin Aromatherapy 85 Gr

Only 60 thousand IDR

Idea gift Valentine The next thing you can give is aromatherapy. This gift can mean your concern for a partner who needs relaxation after a tiring day at work.

In addition, aromatherapy can also calm the mind and improve mood. Be sure to choose a scent that if you like to make it more significant.

4. Gifts Valentine Bean Bag

gift for boyfriend
Pouf 90×105 Cm – Brown

Only IDR 1 million

Bean bag it can be one of the gifts Valentine which is right if you have a partner who likes to enjoy relaxing time reading a book or watching TV.

This easy chair can be easily moved from one room to another. In addition to that, bag of beans it can also be used as additional decoration, either in the living room, the TV room, or in the bedroom.

5. Soft sofa cushions

Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend
Fur sofa cushion 45 x 45 cm – pink

Only 150 thousand IDR

If your partner doesn’t like dolls, you can give sofa cushions like gift alternative Its small size is very practical for it to carry anywhere and it is also comfortable to hug.

Give a sofa cushion with his favorite color and made of soft material to make a sweet memory.

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6. cake in a good case

Valentine's Day Gift Inspiration
Krishome 30.5 × 10.5 Cm Cake Serving Container with Lid – Chocolate

Only 260 thousand IDR

Who says you can only give cake on birthdays? Gift for boyfriend not necessarily in the form of goods. You can give a little surprise full of love carrying cake favorite at home.

In fact, you can even do it yourself special for the lover To make this Valentine’s Day celebration feel more romantic, use it it goes a luxury cake as a container to arrange it

7. Cutlery set

cutlery gift set
Kris Set of 12 porcelain cutlery – Grey

Only 340 thousand IDR

Gift for boyfriend what is no less interesting for you to give is a set of cutlery. Also, if you just moved to a new house.

Well, there are many types of cutlery that you can provide, starting from dinner plate sets, cups, and much more. Choose cutlery with simple patterns to make it look minimalistic and timeless.

8. Gifts Valentine bread Casserole

kitchen gift
Cheftopf 16 Cm La Petite Panci Casserole – Pink

Only 390 thousand IDR

Gift tips Valentine next is the pan Casserole which is suitable for you to give to a partner who likes to cook. This pastel colored pot can enhance your spirit and make cooking sweeter.

9. Slow Juicer

gift for boyfriend
Hurom Slow Juicer H-200 – Abu-abu Titanium

Only IDR 7 million

Healthy living is definitely everyone’s life goal, including you and your partner. To be more useful, you can give slow juicer as a gift in the day Valentine as a form of supporting their determination to lead a healthy life.

10. Give her a bouquet of flowers

Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend
Para Ella 27 Cm Bouquet of artificial flowers Viennese roses – Red

Only 140 thousand IDR

If you are wondering what gift to give your girlfriend, then a bouquet of flowers is the answer. Giving a bouquet to your spouse is no longer a surprise, but it is still meaningful and full of love.

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Be sure to give her a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers with her favorite type of flower.

So here are some gift ideas Valentine for a girlfriend you can make a reference. Don’t forget to capture the moment by taking photos together.

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Happy shopping and Happy Valentine’s Day!