10 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas, besides chocolate and flowers

10 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas, besides chocolate and flowers

unique Valentine's Day gift

February 14, which is marked as Valentine’s Day, is in sight. Have you prepared a special, unique Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones?

Valentine’s Day should not only be celebrated with your partner, you know! You can also express your affection to friends, closest friends and family.

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You don’t have to give chocolate, you can also give other gifts that always have a special impression. Relax, we have a solution!

Unique gift inspiration for Valentine’s Day

Go, look at some of the inspiration for unique gifts for Valentine’s Day, in addition to the following chocolates and flowers.

1. Valentine’s gift of ornamental plants

valentine gifts of decorative plants
Artificial Plant 25 Cm Monstera Albino L3

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Decorative plants be one of the unique gift ideas to give to couples. Our recommendation is a monster plant that is said to bring good luck and bring positive energy to the home.

You don’t have to give real plants, you can also buy artificial plants that never dry.

2. Journal Book Gift Valentine

Valentine's Day Journal Gift
Ataru Notebook Cork Cover Abstract

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A journal can also be a unique gift. In particular, Journals can be used to express thoughts and feelings. Of course, this will be a romantic thing.

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You can fill the first page of the journal with sweet love letters. Of course, the lover melts with the expressions of love he gives.

3. Valentine’s Day Gifts Jewelry and Accessories

Valentine gift earrings
Ataru Anting Drop Geometric – Gold

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In addition to chocolate and flowers, you can give a little different touch, namely jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches. Wrap it up well to make it feel special when they receive it.

4. Custom artwork

Valentine photo frames
Arthome Table Decoration Photo Frame 3 Frames with Shelf – White

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Order something that cannot be found elsewhere, ie custom artwork.

You can order an illustrated painting from a photo of the two of you, then add a photo frame. Of course, this gift will definitely be something very special.

5. Slippers or House slippers

Valentine sandal gifts
Ataru Size 42/43 Women’s Xstrap Fur House Sandals – Pink

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If your groom likes to spend a lot of time at home, he will definitely like something comfortable, like house slippers. You can choose slippers with a fluffy and comfortable texture.

6. Animals

pet bed gift
Paws N Tail Pet Bed 80×63 Cm – Green

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You can also give gifts in the form of animals, such as mini hedgehogs, hamsters and cats. However, keep in mind that it has pet it is a big responsibility.

So, make sure that the person receiving the gift from you is really an animal lover. Also prepare a pet bed so they can take care of themselves more easily.

7. Facial Massage Tool

facial roller gift
Ataru Set 2 Pcs Roller & Gua Sha Rose Quart

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You can also give facial care gifts in the form of facial massage tools. There are two types of facial massage tools that can be an option, viz wow and jade scroll.

Wow usually flat and made of semi-precious stones. Meanwhile, jade scroll usually made of jade or other stones.

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Both of these tools have many benefits, namely relieving the tension of the facial muscles, reducing wrinkles, and much more.


8. Tickets The permanence

travel bag
Ataru Pouch Travel Mesh Rh553 – Hitam

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In the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, you and your partner deserve a break. So, to celebrate Valentine’s Day together, you can give tickets season in a comfortable inn.

Choose a place that has beautiful views so that you and him can spend more memorable time. We also have tips sack to take care of things to travel stay clean, like the inspiration above.

9. Collage Frame

set of photo frames
Arthome 6 Piece Photo Frame and Wall Clock Set – White

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The next unique gift is a collage frame. Well, collage frames can be used to capture moments with you and him.

Of course, this gift will be special for him. Plus, you and him can find a lot of good memories just by looking at a photo.

10. Kitchen appliances

gift of kitchen utensils
Krischef 5 Piece Kitchen Utensil Set

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If your partner likes to cook, then this gift will make him happy. Provide kitchen utensils, such as pans, spatulas, knives and cutting boards.

This gift will certainly be very useful, especially if a friend or colleague has just moved into a new house.

Find other unique gift ideas
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Well, now you can give gifts anti-mainstream after Valentine’s Day. You can get a variety of unique gifts only at variety.

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