10 unique and impressive Christmas gift wrapping ideas

10 unique and impressive Christmas gift wrapping ideas

unique christmas gift wrapping ideas
Source: pexels.com

Christmas Day is synonymous with giving special gifts to the closest people. Of course, you need to wrap the Christmas presents as beautifully as possible. Take it easy, there are many Christmas gift wrapping ideas that are easy and still look unique.


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Recommended Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Don’t be confused, we have some tips for Christmas gift wrapping ideas that you can do at home.

1. Looks great with cypress print paper

Christmas gift wrapping with fir motifs
Source: thesimplyperfectlife.com

Just seeing how it looks makes you wonder and happy, right? This gift wrapping idea looks simple, but very beautiful.

You just need to find wrapping paper with a pine motif and hemp rope. After wrapping the gift, add a branch of pine needles to spice it up.

If you have trouble finding wrapping paper like this, you can use white paper and draw some trees with a black marker.

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2. The blood red color gives an elegant effect

blood red elegant Christmas gift
Source: elmueble.com

Do you want to make your gift elegant? Well, you can wrap it with blood red wrapping paper. Also add hemp rope and other decorations, such as bells or fruit berry to beautify his appearance.

You can also add a Christmas greeting card to a special gift to make it more meaningful. Here are some tips for Christmas bells that you can buy.

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3. He Shabby with a unique combination of wrapping paper

shabby wrapping paper
Source: cleanandscentsible.com

You can also make a Christmas gift with a theme rinsed the ancient with these floral elements, oh.

First of all, wrap your gift well with samson paper. After that, add a second package with wrapping paper with a floral pattern of the same color soft o pastel.

For the final touch, you can add a big beautiful green bow with bells or leaves, as well as a greeting card. Here are some green tape tips you can use.

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4. Simple and always beautiful with a white cloth

simple white Christmas gift
Source: papertree.co.uk

This inspiration can be the right choice if you don’t have wrapping paper or beautiful decorations. You just need to prepare plain white paper and wrap the gift in a box.

To make it look more expensive, give a red cord or ribbon to tie it, and even a small Christmas ornament on top. You can also cut the blank paper to make a beautiful Christmas greeting card.

5. Looks luxurious with a combination of black and gold

elegant black gold gift package
Source: stilpalast.ch

If you want to make extravagant gift wrapping easy, try a combination of black and gold. Use plain black wrapping paper with gold decorations, such as bells or ribbons.

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You can also add letters using gold ink to make the gift more luxurious. Here are the tips for gold Christmas decorations that you can buy.

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6. Merry Christmas impression from green paper and red ribbon

Christmas gift wrapping
Source: themagicofgifting.com

The Christmas atmosphere is always decorated with beautiful green and red colors. You can make a Christmas present with these two colors, oh. Choose green wrapping paper and use a pretty red bow.

You can also wear a red ribbon with a charming plaid pattern. Vary the gift decorations with Christmas ornaments such as bells, berry, or cute greeting cards.

7. Cute and unique with Rudolph’s deer face

cutie with the deer face Rudolph
Source: thecreativeshour.com

Who wouldn’t be surprised and happy if they receive a gift with such an expensive wrapper like this? You can do it easily, oh! The method is easy, just wrap a gift box with samson paper, then draw a cute deer face with a red nose on the front.

To create a 3D effect, you can cut brown paper to form deer horns. As for the red nose, you can use a cute pom-pom ball. Add a red ribbon too to make it look prettier!

8. He country with checkered motifs and white ribbons

gift theme country
Source: lipglossandcrayons.com

Gaya country synonymous with unique checkered motifs. You can wrap Christmas presents with this theme, which is enough to use plaid wrapping paper and a beautiful white ribbon.

Choose red and black wrapping paper to support the Christmas theme. In addition to this, you can also use checkered fabric as another option if you can’t find checkered wrapping paper.

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9. Combination of Samson paper and hemp rope rustic

rustic themed christmas gifts
Source: countryliving.com

You want to make a gift with a theme rustic beautiful, but easy? Try this inspiration. Wrap your gift in samson paper and add a hemp rope to sweeten it.

You can also add Christmas decorations in the form of candy canes, berry, or spruce leaves. Your gift looks very old and charming.

10. Cute drawing on black wrapping paper with red ribbons

creativity on wrapping paper
Source: 3c.web.de

Do you like drawing? If so, this is a great idea if you express your creativity through stamps on a gift card.

Choose white or black wrapping paper, then you can draw something with a Christmas theme with black ink on white paper and white ink on black paper.

Draw a Christmas tree, Rudolf’s reindeer, Santa Claus or snow on your gift card. Don’t forget to add a red ribbon to embellish the gift.


So, this is the inspiration for wrapping Christmas gifts that are unique and easy for you to apply. Have you found an idea that suits your taste?

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