10 Unique and Attractive Simple Bamboo Door Designs

10 Unique and Attractive Simple Bamboo Door Designs

simple bamboo bow

Bamboo bow design simple something that looks unique and creative can attract people’s attention while creating a beautiful appearance. Need some inspiration? Go on, find out through the different pictures below!

The door with bamboo material is quite easy to make and can be used for different purposes.

For example, its existence can be used as a door to enter tourist attractions, an area to enter a village, or even to beautify a park area.

In addition, the bamboo material is very malleable, making it possible to assemble unique designs.

Regarding a number of advantages of bamboo for the door, among others, it gives a natural touch, it is light, and the price is cheap.

Well, if you are looking for inspiration for the design of a bamboo door simple unique, we present a number of ideas.

Bamboo door design Simple

1. Bamboo door for the entrance of the house

simple bamboo bow

source: instagram.com/aloha.melina

Installing a bamboo door simple for the entrance of the house can be used if the residence you have has a large enough area.

If you have a simple 3-room house in the country, the bamboo door model equipped with a fence is very worthy to choose.

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The natural and natural impression will dominate while giving a beautiful aura.

2. Unique Bamboo Arch

single bamboo bow

source: inhabitat.com

The installation of a bamboo gate is not only intended for garden areas, residences, or borders of a country.

In a number of moments or events that invite many people, the design of the bamboo door simple but looks unique can be an interesting option.

In fact, the area around the door can be a photo spot to capture the moment.

3. Example of a Simple Gate

an example of a simple door

source: instagram.com/dlingofamily

You can also apply a door with a simple shape like the picture above in a small garden near the house.

In terms of manufacturing, the necessary bamboo material is very easy to find.

Beyond that, even if it seems simple, the residents or anyone knows the limits of the garden and the area of ​​the house.

4. Unique bamboo door August 17th

unique bamboo door August 17

source: instagram.com/azisdm071

The unique bamboo gate design for the August 17 event was chosen because it provides a sturdy structure.

Shapes and designs can also be selected in this way, depending on the creativity of the manufacturer.

Well, to give a lively impression, embedding banner the theme of August 17 with the addition of red and white colors also emphasizes that the door was really made to welcome the day of independence.

5. Bamboo Gate Design Simple

simple bamboo door design

source: pinterest.com/ChloeLForsman

As with the superiority of the bamboo material that is easy to form, the design of the stem door simple with a unique curved shape can steal the attention of many people.

For some people, the curved bamboo design at the top has its own philosophical value.

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In addition, the distance between the bamboos that is not too wide makes the door model feel different from most designs.

6. Bamboo Gate Model for Cafe

simple bamboo bow

source: instagram.com/gk_creative_branding_

To impress uniquely, cafe out of with the use of bamboo doors is worth considering.

Not to mention that the cafe offers a natural concept with lots of trees and plants in strategic areas.

The bamboo door as the entrance will further enhance this impression and make the visitors feel impressed.

7. Minimalist Design Bamboo Gate

minimalist bamboo bow

source: pinterest.com/sarkepo

Bringing a bamboo door with a minimalist concept is the choice of many people because it can be applied in many areas.

One of them is in the road border zone between one country and another.

The lack of ornaments is one of the highlighted features, but adding additional accents can make the door more attractive.

8. The Bamboo Door Pattern Looks Magnificent

magnificent bamboo arch

source: instagram.com/trieencissupraptiningsih

A door with bamboo material can look magnificent if you apply a pattern like the picture above.

There is an impression of an arch in the front area, in addition to sturdy support pillars that make the door look unsightly.

9. Bamboo arch in the village

simple bamboo bow

source: instagram.com/ditonov

The bamboo door in the country is usually made with large dimensions and looks sturdy at the same time.

Even if the design is quite simple, the model or style of the door like this can be said to last a long time.

In fact, to give it a different feel, you can add elements to different areas.

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10. Store door Simple

simple tent door

source: pramukaria.id

In field events, a gate is usually made as a boundary and also a marker of an area.

Choose a design simple giving banner or large letters above the door may be an option.

In addition to making it fast, the bamboo door model simple because the store can be dismantled at any time.


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