10 typical Halloween foods from different countries

10 typical Halloween foods from different countries

special Halloween food
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In addition costume partyIt turns out that many countries have special foods Halloween. Each of these special foods has a variety of flavors with its uniqueness.

Not only sweets, they also present dishes with salty and spicy flavors. Curious what the food is? Go, look at the following.

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Special Food Halloween from different countries

Without further ado, here are the special foods Halloween from many countries you should know.

1. Candy Apples popular from the United States

Maybe most of you have seen candy apple which is the most famous specialty of Halloween. Party at night Halloween in America it feels incomplete without this candy apple, you know.

The outer layer of candy apple is made of sticky sugar with added corn syrup, water, cinnamon and red coloring. Because of its sweet taste, of course, many children have an eye on this food.

special Halloween food
source: pixabay.com

2. Bread for God Halloween specials from Portugal

Many also call this food the bread of God. With a shape that resembles a small ball, this cake is filled with coconut. Usually, cake Bread for God ate the day All Saints, i.e. “All Saints” which falls on November 1st.

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In addition, this bread also uses a little rum, lemon zest and vanilla as a composition in the ingredients for the cake they make. Can you imagine how it smells?

bread for God
source: pumpkin.pt

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3. Bones of saints Unique from Spain

This food is also very popular, you know. That said, you can’t miss it Stiff this is delicious at the time of celebration Halloween. This dish, which is often called “Holy Bone”, comes with various fillings and is cooked with syrup.

summary: My Karamell

4. Bonfire Toffee Special Food Halloween from England

This sweet dessert is a typical traditional food Halloween the most popular throughout the UK. This scary looking food is actually made of black molasses, butter, and sugar.

bonfire toffee
source: goodto.com

5. Barmbrack Special Food Halloween from Ireland

The eve of the party Halloweenthe houses in Ireland will be filled with fragrance Barmbrack.

Bambrack is a traditional bread filled with raisins and sultanas that is quick and easy to make. This food is very delicious if you grease it first before tasting it. Wow, are you tempted?

special Halloween food
sumber: taste of home

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6. Stiff Unique from Guatemala

This traditional salad originally from Guatemala is known as Stiff which is usually served cold with 50 ingredients in it.

This food is quite unique, because usually, they only serve this food when they celebrate the day of the dead and the day of all saints. Wow, interesting isn’t it?

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source: soy502.com

7. dead bread Special Food Halloween from Mexico

Mexicans often prepare this dish in the days leading up to the “day of the dead”. Day of the Dead It has a shape like a roll with a sweet taste.

Only, they usually eat dead bread next to the graves of their loved ones, as a sign of celebrating their lives. Also, they usually also make a dough that looks like a bone on top of the bread.

dead bread
source: happy vegannie
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8. Pan Dei Morti Beauty of Italy

Did you know that this food has the nickname “Dead Man’s Bean?” You see, all Italians only eat this oval meal on November 2, which is “All Souls Day” or as it is commonly called. Commemoration of the dead.

Pan Dei Morti made from ground almonds, pine nuts, cinnamon and lemon peel. For those of you who love foods that contain nuts, I think you should try this dish.

special Halloween food
source: scattiggusto

9. loaves of bread Unique from Ecuador

Special food Halloween the next one came from the country of Ecuador. With a shape that resembles a child and decorated with colored cream, loaves of bread made to commemorate the “day of the dead” tradition.

Usually, this cake has a filling jelly sweet and made of wheat bread.

traditional Halloween bread
source: quericavida.com

10. Soul cake from England

One of the traditional food Halloween from England it is Soul cake. The cakes made of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg have been around since the Middle Ages and are distributed door to door to pray for the souls of the dead.

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special Halloween cake
source: theenglishkitchen.co

Wow, very interesting, right? You have already planned what dishes to prepare for the party Halloween October 31st?

If so, use a place to serve food that is beautiful and of quality. Then, your dish will be more attractive.

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