10 Types of Outdoor Plants to Beautify the Terrace

10 Types of Outdoor Plants to Beautify the Terrace

outdoor plant types

The heart of the house beautiful can make us feel at home to relax for a long time. However, creating a comfortable terrace is not just a matter of furniture selection. We also arrange it with different types of plants out of so it is not monotonic.

In addition to beauty, lush plants can also improve indoor air quality. In fact, certain types of plants can reduce 87% of toxins in the air within 24 hours.

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Thus, you can make your heart and lungs healthy just by sitting on the terrace of a house that is lush with plants.

What Kinds of Plants Outdoors?

For those of you who want to grow plants on the terrace of your home, here are some plant tips out of the best

1. Lemon

Lemon trees can be an option to plant in the yard. In addition, the yellow color of the fruit can provide positive energy. It’s just the type of plant out of this requires complicated maintenance.

To make it grow perfectly, you should spray water regularly on the leaves and leave them in direct sunlight.

outdoor plant types
Source: Unsplash/Suvi Honkanen

2. Palm of Majesty

If you want to bring a tropical feel to your home garden, choose a type of plant out of called palm of majesty.

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In addition to being beautiful, this plant is able to purify the air. For maintenance, the royal palm plant only needs to be exposed to the sun for 4-6 hours every day.

3. Ivy Heather

Plant ivy heather It has colorful leaves that can create a contrast for a home garden. You can plant it in a pot and put it in the corner of the house. If you want to beautify the atmosphere of the terrace, put it in a pot.

ivy type of outdoor plant
Source: pixabay.com

4. Calathea

Type of plant out of Calathea it has a distinctive feature in the shape of a full leaf with a two-color line. Uniquely, this plant can survive in a dim light so it is the best choice in the rainy season.

For maintenance, you only need to plant in moist soil and take advantage of good drainage.

outdoor calathea plant type
Source: Pixabay.com

5. Rubber

Rubber plants have broad, shiny leaves. The leaves of wax texture catch and reflect the light so that it looks shiny.

If you want to put this plant on the terrace, put it in a corner that is exposed to direct sunlight. Also, do not water it with too much water.

types of outdoor rubber plants
Source: flickr.com

6. Bird of Paradise

If you like plant design out of unique, then the tree of paradise is the best choice. You see, this plant has a contrasting orange color to refresh the feeling of a dark garden.

To make it grow well, you have to keep the soil moist, water regularly, apply fertilizer every month, and put it in a bright place.

type of bird of paradise ornamental outdoor plant
Source: pixabay.com

7. Aglaonemas

From many types of plants out of otherwise, aglaonema is a fairly popular choice. You see, this tropical leaf plant does not need extra care. They can survive even in dry air and poor light.

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Even so, you still have to maximize the care so that it can grow well.

outdoor plant types
Credit: Unsplash/David Clode

8. Cacti

There are many types of cactus that you can plant in front of your house. In any case, choose a cactus that is small enough to fit in a pot.

Not without reason, a small cactus in a pot looks simple, but it can make the terrace feel more beautiful.

outdoor plant types
Credit: Unsplash/Kyaw Tun

9. Cane

Cane it is a type of plant out of which can grow with beautiful yellow or orange flowers. The shape of the leaves is quite wide and has a thin line of yellow color.

How to care for it is also easy, you just need to water it every day and put it in the sun.

outdoor plant types
Credit: Unsplash/Penghao Xiong

10. Tongue-in law

You want to have a type of plant out of What can withstand all weather? If so, you can choose the language in law. This plant can stand and grow in wet or dry places.

In addition, the leaves are also able to filter the soil so that it works as a natural pollutant.

outdoor plant types
Source: Unsplash/Noyo Creative

These are ten types of outdoor plants that you can choose from. So, what plants do you want to plant on the terrace of the house?

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