10 Types of Kitchen Ceramics and Tips for Choosing

10 Types of Kitchen Ceramics and Tips for Choosing

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When choosing ceramics for the kitchen, there are many things to consider such as price, quality, patterns and so on. This is not easy, so you have to know the types and tips for choosing ceramics. Discussing this issue, the following are types of kitchen ceramics and tips for choosing kitchen ceramics that you need to know.

Types of kitchen ceramics


This type of slate pottery has a unique beauty. Because the color of this stone makes the room more attractive and usually this type of ceramic has a dark color. Therefore, many use this type of ceramic on the walls or even the tiles.


Marble is a type of ceramic that is often used. Because marble has many beautiful and varied color choices. Not only that, the marble also has different patterns or patterns, many choose to use marble. The resulting material also has a fine fiber.


Glossy has a glass-like material, but has an affordable price. This material produces a reflective impression that gives a shimmering light reflection for your ceramics. This type is often used when you have a minimalist kitchen concept.


The porcelain went through a high temperature firing process, so it has a good density. So that porcelain is considered durable it is used. This type of ceramic can be used on walls and floors not only that this type is suitable for high traffic areas such as highways.

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This type of glass material is often the choice for kitchen ceramics. This type has a similar meaning to the material shiny and what distinguishes it is the choice of colors that are different and easy to clean, but this type of ceramic is relatively more expensive.


Matte materials have a significant difference shiny Matte tends to have a simple yet luxurious impression. Although this type of material is less prominent, this type provides colors with a good contrast. However, if you choose this type of ceramic, you will need regular maintenance.


type of pottery travertine maybe not familiar to some people. However, if you know this type of pottery, it has beautiful natural stones. Not only that, the choice of given colors is varied, such as gray, cream and other colors. If you use this kind of beauty it will shine from its natural cavity.


Granite produces a material that is not slippery so it is an option for use in your kitchen. This type of material gives a luxurious and elegant impression to your kitchen. However, if you choose to use this type you must be careful because the surface is a little rough, choose granite with a smooth texture for your kitchen.


You can use this type of material to be used as kitchen ceramics. Because limestone gives an elegant and luxurious look to your kitchen. The color produced by this material tends to be dark, such as gray, brown or beige. Not only that, this type of ceramic has a strong durability, so it can be used for a long time.

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Terracotta is a type of pottery made from clay that is molded and then fired into different shapes, such as square, rectangle and hexagon. This type of ceramic gives a simple and natural impression.

Tips for choosing kitchen ceramics

Color and Size

Before choosing the type of kitchen tile, you need to adjust the tile to the size of the floor in your home. Determine the size carefully to avoid mistakes during the ceramic installation. In addition to this, determine the color that corresponds to the concept of your home, also consider the sunlight that enters the room to be able to determine the color of the tiles.

Select the material as needed

When determining the type of material, choose the one that suits your needs. It must be remembered that each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the prices offered also vary and you need to pay attention to the treatment.

Choose a motif that fits the concept

Before buying ceramics, you must first determine the concept of your kitchen. After that, adjust the color of the ceramic that is suitable for your room. The choice of motifs must be done carefully so that it gives a beautiful and elegant impression to your kitchen.

Fit the Budget

What we know is that ceramics have a price that can reach the buyer’s pocket. Each ceramic has a different pattern, size and color. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you need to carefully calculate the selection and installation of ceramics so as not to waste.

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Warranty Service

You also need to pay attention to the warranty given by the store for the ceramics you buy. If you receive an item that is defective or damaged during shipping, you can request a warranty to have it replaced by a new product.

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