10 Types of Curtain Fabrics to beautify the interior of the room

10 Types of Curtain Fabrics to beautify the interior of the room

type of curtain fabric

There are many choices of fabrics for curtains or curtains. Therefore, you need to know the type of curtain fabric that is available so as not to choose the wrong one for the interior of the room.

The presence of curtains can enhance the appearance of the interior of the house. Curtains or blinds are not just for closing the windows.

Or other functions of curtains to partition the room to separate the different functions of the room.

Curtains are usually placed on the window that is useful to cover the window, especially at night so that it is not visible from the outside.

Usually, people have curtains in the living room, bedroom, family room, or a room that has windows.

You can not be wrong in choosing the type of curtain fabric so that the interior design of the house becomes messy.

When you choose the curtain fabric, you must adjust and harmonize with the furniture and the interior of the house.

Property site www.lacrymosemedia.com will review the different types of curtain fabrics so that you do not choose the wrong one.

Types of curtains for the home

1. Smooth Satin Fabric

The surface of this kind of curtain fabric is soft, smooth and shiny, so it is very beautiful to see.

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This type of fabric also has many patterns and colors. This fabric can be used for a variety of designs.

2. Lace Fabric / Lace Fabric

This fabric is often used to make clothes, but it can also be used for curtains.

This type of material is usually used for glass curtains for the bedroom or even for the living room.

This fabric is really thin and is only used for upholstery curtains. Usually there is one more layer of curtains.

3. Kain Blackout

This type of curtain fabric can block the entry of sunlight and light into the room well.

This material has very soft and smooth characteristics and is also easy to clean.

This type of fabric is easy to find in the market. The colors and patterns vary so they can be used for different designs.

4. Kain Semi Blackout

The choice of this type of fabric is also not less good and can block the light from entering the room up to 80 percent.

This type of curtain fabric also has a variety of beautiful patterns and motifs. There is also a clear model for those who do not like too crowded designs.

5. Fabric Dimout

This type of fabric looks luxurious and elegant. Usually this fabric is used for roller blinds.

This type of curtain can be rolled to create a beautiful arch and extend.

This type of material can also support the light from outside the house, especially the sun, up to 90 percent.

type of curtain fabric

6. Cain to Chen

The arrangement of the fibers of this fabric is tight enough so that it is not easily torn when used as home curtains.

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This type of curtain fabric also has a soft and smooth texture, so it looks very nice to beautify the house.

7. Calcium tissue

This type of fabric includes cotton that is pale white in color and looks natural. This color is his trademark.

This fabric is suitable for home curtains that are ethnic or casual because it is made from a non-shiny material.

8. Mori Fabric / Batik Fabric

Mori cloth is usually used for traditional batik in Indonesia. This material is not too expensive.

If you want to highlight the ethnic or traditional feel of your home, you can choose tela mori or batik fabric as your choice of curtain fabric.

9. Cotton fabric

There are many choices for cotton fabrics such as Japanese cotton, rayon cotton, Chinese cotton, to silk cotton.

The price of the material is quite cheap. You can use this fabric as an alternative material for curtains.

10. Silk fabric

This type of fabric has a soft and smooth texture that makes it suitable for the use of curtains in the main room.

Choosing this type of curtain fabric is quite expensive, especially for pure silk fabrics. The option is to use synthetic silk.

Wow, there are also many choices of types of curtains or curtains, do not choose the wrong material, try to discuss with your partner first.

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