10 Types of Beautiful and Elegant Pendant Lights

10 Types of Beautiful and Elegant Pendant Lights

For those of you who want to make your home more comfortable, of course, there are many ways to do it. One of them is to add hanging vines around the house.

Plants are a natural decoration that can provide direct benefits to the occupants of the house. Fresh natural shades will certainly make the atmosphere of the house more shaded and beautiful so that it can add to the aesthetics of the overall design of the house.

Now, vines are a favorite choice for many people because they can be placed to decorate the exterior and interior of the house. Of course, you have to choose the type of vines that are suitable for the harmony of your residential design.

This article will give you some inspiration for vines that you can use in your home. Check out the following article review.

Benefits of having vines

Vines in general, like other ornamental plants, can give a green impression and shade to your home. In addition, the vines can also improve the air circulation outside and inside the house.

Its function that can produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide is of course a very important thing. For those of you who are smokers, plants can effectively help absorb cigarette smoke.

Not only that, indoor plants can also reduce mosquitoes and provide other health benefits. So, many people use ornamental plants in the house.

The vineyards have quite good flexibility. That is, this plant can be placed in different rooms such as parks, terraces, even at home. There is also no longer a need for a pot to put these plants, because the growers can climb them in any area that suits them.

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Types of elegant hanging screws

There are many choices of vines that you can use to decorate your home. Whether it is to be placed inside or outside the house. Vines can usually adhere to different areas, such as walls, water or indoors.

Here are some types you need to know:

1. Sheets of dollars

The first hanging vines are dollar leaves. It has a scientific name gem of zanzibar and quite easy to find today.

This plant can be grown in pots or allowed to propagate. The leaves of the dollar have a rigid leaf shape, so they do not fall easily and are suitable to be used as ornamental plants in the house.

You don’t need to water this dollar leaf plant too often. This is because dollar leaves have a habitat that comes from dry places.

The interesting thing about this plant is its health benefits. The leaves of the dollar can be used as a digestive medicine, diarrhea medicine, because it can overcome hemorrhoids. Not rarely many people who have this type of plant.

2. Ivy

Clear helix or commonly called ivy leaf is one of the most popular hanging vines today. These wall vines have elegant leaves and are quite easy to care for.

Ivy leaves have the versatility that they can grow indoors or outdoors. Having beautiful and elegant leaves, ivy leaves can also be propagated in many areas, such as trees, walls, iron and others.

Despite this, ivy likes bright, but also shady places. It is suitable to be located near windows and under trees. This is to reduce the potential for wilting if exposed to direct sunlight.

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3. Betel leaf

Betel leaf vineyards are already famous. Betel leaves can cool the room and have many health benefits.

Betel leaves can be used as medicines to cool the skin and are effective anti-inflammatory. Various diseases, such as rashes, bruises, and other wounds can be treated with betel leaves.

This hanging vine has more than a medicinal benefit. Even so, the beautiful and shaded shades will be fulfilled if you have this vineyard.

4. Mandeville

The next type is the mandevilla attached screws. It is also known as the Brazilian jasmine that grows as an ornamental plant that can live in tropical and subtropical temperatures.

This plant is very suitable to be placed on the wall of the house or just on the front fence of the house. The beautiful and elegant leaves make the feeling of the house more beautiful and comfortable.

Mandevilla is often referred to as a trumpet flower because it has a large flower shape and is trumpet shaped. This plant will experience a color change before falling, starting from a pale color and turning green before falling.

5. Morning glory

You are certainly no stranger to this hanging vine. Morning glories are a type of wall plant that has small flowers and beautiful colors.

In general, this plant is allowed to spread along the walls of the house to the windows. The treatment for this type of plant is quite easy. You only need to water once or twice a week.

6. Blue Sky Vine

The next vineyard wall is the sky blue vineyard. This blue sky vine can grow up to 20 m high. The root is enough and it is a single root. The Latin name for the blue sky vine is thunbergia grandifolia or heavenly grapes.

Having beautiful and beautiful petals, the blue sky is perfect for making vines in your home. This plant is found in many countries such as China, Nepal, India and Southeast Asia.

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7. Virginia Creeper

For those of you who like red ornamental plants, Virginia creeper may be an option. These wall vines can grow quickly with very beautiful colors.

In addition, this plant does not require complicated maintenance. You only need to water a few times a week.

8. Rolling stones

The petrea volubilis plant is one of the vines that are very interesting to have. Having flowers that are similar to lavender flowers make this flower very beautiful to decorate the house.

However, this flower has a fairly short life. But it can also be used as a residential decoration that can be placed on the terrace of the house or the fence of the house.

9. String of pearls

This type of vine is quite unique. It has the name string of pearls which have no leaves and flowers. Suitable for those of you who want plants that have no leaves or flowers.

The pearl chain has a unique look with green grains growing all over the stem. The treatment is also quite easy, putting this plant in a place that receives enough exposure to the sun.

Even so, these hanging vines are not suitable to be placed outside because they are not resistant to rain.

10. Black Eyed Susan Vine

The black-eyed susan vine plant brings a beautiful sensation by releasing orange flowers with a black center. The Latin name is winged thunbergia.

Its maintenance is relatively easy where it only needs to be watered once a day with sufficient and uniform water.

These are the 10 types of vines that can make your home more beautiful and elegant. So which hanging vines should you choose?