10 Types of Aesthetic and Versatile Boxes

10 Types of Aesthetic and Versatile Boxes

Multifunction Box 26x19x15 Cm - White

Dizzy because many things in the house are scattered? Or do you have trouble finding something, even if you’re in a hurry? If so, you can solve this problem by using multipurpose storage boxes.

In addition to being able to make the home more organized, clean and comfortable, storage boxes can also be used as storage Home decoration. As long as we use accurate and aesthetic storage space.

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So, what are the types of storage boxes?

So, storage boxes can be used to the maximum and also create an aesthetic look at home, see the best types below.

1. Storage with Cover

type of storage box
Storage box with lid Size L – Brown white

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In addition to being practical, the multipurpose storage has an aesthetic form because tavailable in different sizes, colors and designs. So, you don’t need to worry that the storage area will look strange in the room.

You can use it storage aesthetic with wooden cover. The perforated design also makes it easier for us to know the contents of the box without opening the lid.

2. Box Organizer with the partition

type of storage box
Ataru acrylic box – Purple

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One way to save space on your desk is to use some kind of storage box with a partition. This way, you can group items by category.

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This storage box recommendation is made of acrylic material that is suitable for storing office supplies.

3. Location Storage Multipurpose

Ataru folding box 28.8x21.8x15 cm
Ataru folding box 28.8×21.8×15 Cm

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To store items in the wardrobe, be it clothes, accessories, towels, toiletries, and so on, you can use foldable storage boxes.

Besides being practical and efficient, this type of folding storage box can make a room look aesthetically pleasing. Choose the same color to make it look charming.

4. Box Container

type of storage box
Thick Box 50 Ltr 55x39x33 Cm – Light Grey

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Do you have a lot of items that you rarely use or never have anymore? If yes, you can collect it in a box container.

Take it easy, this box has a capacity of 50 liters that can be used to store unused items.

5. Storage Drawer

Floyd 4 tier storage drawers
Floyd 4 tier storage drawers

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Next there is a storage area in the form of drawers. Well, usually the storage drawers consist of several levels, starting from one, two, up to four levels.

You can choose the size that suits your needs. If you have a lot of items that need to be stored, you can choose a box with three to four levels.

6. Cosmetic Storage Box

Cosmetic Organizer 15.5 x 11.2 x 21 - GoldFloyd 4 Tier Storage Drawers
Cosmetic Organizer 15.5×11.2×21 – GoldFloyd 4 Tier Storage Drawers

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for women, skin care and cosmetics become must-have beauty equipment. However, too many cosmetics collections can make the wardrobe look cramped and messy.

Therefore, you can rely on a special cosmetic storage box with storage drawers.

7. Accessory Storage Box

Informa Size S Lolla Storage Box - Yellow
Informa Size S Lolla Storage Box – Yellow

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If you want to store small accessories in your bedroom, such as perfume, USB cables and hair clips, you can use this small storage box.

This box is made of plastic with a length of 26.5 cm, a width of 18.8 cm and a height of 10 cm. Then you can put it on the nightstand.

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8. Storage basket

type of storage box
Storage basket with leather handle 30x24x12 Cm

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To store bathroom products, choose this aesthetic basket made of iron. The minimalist model with a net shape can create a beautiful bathroom feeling.

9. Tissue Storage

Folding Tissue Holder 22x12.5x11 Cm - Green
Folding Tissue Place 22 × 12.5 × 11 Cm – Green

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In addition to household items, you can also use a special storage area for fabrics to maximize the aesthetic value of a room. This tissue box is made of polyester with a light green color that looks cool.

10. Organizer bath

Stora Bathroom Shelf Wk120864 - Silver
Stora Bathroom Shelf Wk120864 – Silver

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Of course, the bathroom also needs a special storage space for various equipment. You can use Stora brand hanging shelves made of stainless steel.

This shelf has two levels of storage and a small hanger at the bottom.

It is a kind of aesthetic storage that you can use to organize things and beautify your home.

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