10 Travel Gear You Must Have

10 Travel Gear You Must Have

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When we go on vacation, there must be many things that we will take with us. Not only clothes, we also prepare other equipment to make it easier for us when we travel. The equipment is not amazing to travel more and more unique.


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So, what are the unique and practical travel equipment?

Well, so that you can enjoy your vacation more, we have summarized some of the travel “friends” that you bring and they are certainly useful, as follows.

1. Traveljohn

When we travel, we may have difficulty finding the nearest bathroom to urinate. Well, you can bring it Traveljohn just in case.

This emergency bag product can be used for men and boys. Naturally, Traveljohn it can also be a lifesaver when stuck in traffic.

travel equipment
Traveljohn urine bags for men 800 ml 6 pieces

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tools for traveling
Traveljohn Jr Urine bag for children 600 ml 6 pieces

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2. Traveljane

Traveljane is an emergency bag for women and girls. You don’t have to worry about carrying it around because this bag is leak proof and has a large capacity.

holiday supplies
Traveljane Women’s urine bag 800 ml 3 pieces

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travel emergency bag
Traveljane Women’s urine bag 800 ml 6 pieces

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3. Portable bidet

When we go abroad, of course, not all countries provide bidets in public toilets. Well, to overcome this, you can bring your own portable bidet which is smaller and the end of the drain can be folded.

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Just fill the bidet bottle with water before use.

portable bidet
Kris Portable Bidet – white

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4. Travel bottle

So don’t worry about bringing it bathroom equipmentsuch as soap, shampoo, and lotionyou can transfer it to a smaller travel bottle.

You can use this bottle repeatedly and the tight cap of the bottle keeps the product from spilling.

mini bottle
Passport Travel Bottle 5 Pcs – Blue

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travel tool
So-mine Botol Traveling Rechargeable 3 Pcs

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5. Vacuum Bag Space

One of the most common problems when cleaning clothes is that there is no space in the suitcase. To overcome this, you can use this air suction device in shirt bag.

Vacuum Bag Space can make the bag that contains the clothes deflate, so give space enough to fit in a suitcase or travel bag.

clothes sucker
Easi Vacuum Bag Space Maker

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6. Travel towels

Type travel towels a little different from the usual towels. The reason is that the material used has good water absorption so that it speeds up the drying process. So, the towels are not wet when you put them in the suitcase.

travel towels
Travel towel Forhom 50×100 Cm Kevin – Green Olive

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holiday supplies
Forhom 50×100 Cm Kelly Travel Towel – Light Chocolate

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7. Travel bag organizer

Which one sack measuring compact serves as a storage place for personal equipment, such as bathroom equipment, accessories, makeup, etc. Therefore, your belongings will not be scattered in the suitcase.

travel bag for holidays
Ataru Multipurpose Lemon Pouch

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8. dry bag

If you like the activity out ofsuch as camping, hiking, nature tourism, and so on, then you can use it dry bag to save your clothes. So, the clothes don’t get wet when it rains.

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Also, you just have to fold dry bag when not in use so save space.

dry bag
Mountain Inn Dry Bag 20 Ltr – Hitam

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travel tool
Mountain Inn Dry Bag 15 Ltr – Red-black

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9. Drawstring Cosmetic Bag

For women, of course, it is important to pack a variety of cosmetics and accessories skin care so that the face always looks fresh, especially when taking pictures as tourists.

Well, you can use this drawstring cosmetic bag to keep it clean and undamaged.

cosmetic bag with drawstrings
Ataru Drawstring Cosmetic Bag – Abu Abu

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10. Ships Travel clothes

Some clothes that we put in a suitcase or travel bag can be wrinkled. Well, you can use tools steamer especially for this trip to keep it tidy.

You don’t need much time to warm up this device. Just wait for 35 seconds and steamer can already be used. So, if you are in a hurry, this thing can be your savior.

Salav Steamer Travel Clothes Hs-05 – Black

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