10 terrace wall design inspirations, make your home more beautiful!

10 terrace wall design inspirations, make your home more beautiful!

The list of the terrace wall

The inspiration for this list of terrace wall can make the house look even more aesthetic. Check out the best designs in this article, go!

When you first enter a house, what does not go unnoticed is the wall on the terrace of the house. The terrace wall with a unique design is of course the main attraction.

If you want a terrace that is anti mainstreamnothing bad, that’s itto use the list on the terrace wall.

Most of you have seen the partition between spaces made of stone with a certain reason. Yes, this is known as a list.

The list itself has the main function as air ventilation and lighting regulation during the day.

For those of you who are confused to find a terrace wall list, here is the best inspiration!

Inspiration for the design of the terrace wall

1. Minimalist Nuanced Terrace Wall Roster

minimalist terrace wall list

Source: Harapanrakyat.com

For small homes, anything minimalist should be an option. No exception with the list selection on the wall.

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The minimalist impression is further radiated with the selection of a white list. The reason is very simple.

2. As the Main Barrier on the Terrace

list as the main barrier

Source: Twitter/@rumahidaman_

The wall fence will be very simple with a clear appearance.

If you are tired with the design of a wall fence that is like this, you can also, that’s itadding a unique touch to the list.

Not only can it be a complement to the wall fence, this list of the wall can also make the terrace look more attractive.

3. Brick Roster for a Classic Look on the Terrace

brick material for a classic look on the terrace of the house

Source: Thearchitectsdiary.com

Depending on the material, there are several types of wall roster that you can use.

One of the highlights is the list with red brick material.

This material can give a classic impression on the terrace of the house. In addition to its aesthetics, this list also has the main function of air circulation.

4. Concrete Roster with Unique Motif

concrete roster for the terrace

Source: Propertinews.id

Another roster material that you can use for terrace walls is concrete. Concrete is a very robust material.

In addition, there are many models that you can choose according to your taste. If you want a unique pattern, you can choose a wall list like the picture above.

The unique model of ceramic list with attractive designs is very suitable to be applied to the front porch of the house.

5. Roster Wall on the Kitchen Terrace

roaster on the kitchen terrace

Source: Archdaily.com.br

Who said that the list can only be applied to the porch of the house? You can also, cookusing the list on the wall in the kitchen.

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The kitchens usually have the impression of being cramped, because the entire cooking process is done here.

If you apply the list on the kitchen terrace, of course, the air circulation and lighting in the room will be better.

6. Yellow Color for Bright Effects

yellow list on the terrace

Source: Arch2o.com

Do you want to have a terrace with a bright feeling? Yellow wall listing can be an option.

This list works as a room divider on the second floor of the house. In order not to look monotonous, you can add green plants to make it more attractive.

7. List wall behind the house

wall list at the back of the house

Source: Dynastyarsitek.co.id

Do you have a place to relax in a spacious house? try, ehapply the list to the wall.

Applying a list to a place to relax behind the house will make the room look more aesthetic.

Like ventilation, the placement of the list here can make it easier for air to enter the room.

Especially if it is applied to housing with the concept of open spacebreathe fresh air every day, eh!

8. Roster Wall on the Wooden Terrace

wooden terrace wall list

Source: Takatsukt.exblog.jp

Roster walls in wooden terraces are very suitable for use. Because, this can make the room look more natural.

If you want to use a list on a wooden terrace, it would be better to use a list of neutral color, such as white.

A touch of a little ornament on the wall can also beautify the room, that’s it!

9. Exposed Concrete for Industrial Style

exposed concrete terrace bulkhead

Source: Instagram/@primaroster

If you want an industrial-style terrace design, you can choose an exposed concrete list.

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This type of list is widely used by the public. In addition to having a simple look, you don’t have to worry about painting the list.

This method is of course very easy if the list is applied to all parts of the wall.

10. Roster for Small Terrace

a small terrace list

Source: Archdaily.com

The small size of the terrace is not an obstacle to have an attractive roster wall. For example, like the picture above.

You can choose a list with clay material to decorate the walls.

This type of roster can not only be used outside the house, but also for the inside of the house internal house

Well, it is a variety of inspirations of the terrace wall list.

I hope this information can help, yes!

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