10 Super Aesthetic Korean Minimalist Apartment Designs

10 Super Aesthetic Korean Minimalist Apartment Designs

Korean dramas are very popular with Indonesian people from many circles. Starting from culture, cuisine to interesting drama plots can make the audience glued to the screen. In addition to this, the minimalist design of Korean-style apartments also inspired the design of apartments in Indonesia. Like making some aesthetic designs of Korean style apartments.

lacrymosemedia – Pins, of course, the inspiration was made not without reason. There are many apartment design ideas that have been adapted to be applied in Indonesia, so many started to make similar types of apartments. There are many Korean apartment designs that are interesting to observe.

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Recommendations for Super Aesthetic Korean Minimalist Apartment Designs

Want to have an anti-mainstream apartment design? Use some of the following super aesthetic Korean apartment design recommendations!

1. Design of the studio apartment

The design of the studio apartment is a type of apartment design that is made on a limited plot of land, but has a bedroom, bathroom and minimalist kitchen. This apartment is widely used by single employees in Korea to save on housing expenses.

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In a studio apartment you can find a complete room from the bedroom, the living room or living room, the dining room and the kitchen to the bathroom.

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2. Monochrome apartment design

So the next apartment design is an apartment with wall colors and furniture that are mainly black, white and gray.

The choice of furniture in this apartment is even more dominant in the type of furniture that is concise and practical. In general, apartments like this are in demand among men.

3. Minimalist apartment design

Are you interested in a minimalist apartment design? For this design apartment, starting from the spatial planning, the interior design and the furniture are made completely minimalist. The objective is nothing but to maximize the space in the apartment.

For example, to use multifunctional types of furniture and use a room for two or more functions at once.

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4. Modern Korean style apartment design

Modern Korean-style apartments certainly have a typical Korean design, but they have a modern twist. Such as the use of beds, wooden floors and glass windows. In addition, there are many sophisticated electronic devices that complement the facilities of the apartment.

Many types of modern apartments use a wardrobe divider to divide the room. Or some use a connecting ladder to become a practical storage cabinet.

5. Traditional Korean style apartment design

Meanwhile, traditional Korean-style apartment designs are usually dominated by wooden materials. In addition, the bulkhead between the walls is also made more minimalist, such as made of paper or bamboo insulation. For this type of apartment, less furniture is used.

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Currently, the number of apartments with traditional Korean designs is decreasing. Especially in demand by those who are curious about the unique and distinctive Korean culture.

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6. Apartment design with furniture One Size Fits All

For this type of apartment, it has a concept with furniture One Size Fits All. That is, with a variety of furniture that is easy to move. For example, a wardrobe that can be easily moved, a bed that can be folded to a table that can be inserted into the wall.

This concept apartment usually has residents who like the spacious and clean atmosphere of the apartment. Many apartment dwellers have floor mattresses that can be folded up when not in use. So that automatically the space of the room can be used as a place to gather or study.

7. Design an apartment with a balcony

Having an apartment with a balcony can also be a solution when you want to live comfortably even if you are in an apartment environment. You can use an apartment with a balcony to be a place to dry clothes in small gardens so that you have a separate space for your refreshment in the apartment.

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8. Design of the mezzanine apartment

Apartments with Mezzanine designs also include modern apartment types. The concept of this apartment is a minimalist apartment with a modern and multifunctional layout.

Apartments with Mezzanine designs are generally widely adopted by apartments in urban areas that are mostly inhabited by young millennials.

9. Apartment design of hidden furniture

Having a limited land will make Pins more leverage in utilizing the space in the apartment. You can place furniture that is designed to be hidden when not in use. In Korea, there are many ideas of furniture that can be hidden so that it can be more efficient and save space.

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Like a table that can be folded and then inserted into the wall, a floor mattress that can be placed in a closet to a study table that blends with the bed.

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10. One-room apartment design

So the latest apartment design idea is an apartment design with a one room concept. This means that all the activities of the residents of the apartment will be carried out in one space. Starting from sleeping, watching TV, resting and so on will be done in a room. Usually, this type of apartment is occupied by only one person.

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