10 Small Designs of Mosques on the Back Terrace of the House, Comfortable Worship!

10 Small Designs of Mosques on the Back Terrace of the House, Comfortable Worship!

Drawing of the small mosque

Do you want to make a prayer room in the back area of ​​the house? Take a look at the design inspiration for a small prayer room in the back porch of this house, go!

As Muslims, of course, we should pray five times a day. In order for worship to flow smoothly, many people today build prayer rooms in their homes.

But what if the house is minimalist in size? If the land is not too big, there is no need to confuse.

you still can cook, have a prayer room in a comfortable minimalist house. SOne area that can be chosen is the veranda of the house.

Usually, the rear terrace has a wider area. Thus, you are free to use the area as much as possible.

Well, here is a small prayer room design on the back porch that you can use as inspiration!

Design of the Small Mosque on the Charming Terrace of the House

1. Open Concept Minimalist Mosque

open minimalist prayer room

Source: Instagram/@shusihome

This small prayer room is located right on the back porch of the house and is directly adjacent to a synthetic grass garden.

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Carrying the green concept, this prayer room design looks very comfortable.

The ceiling is intentionally made transparent so that the lighting can enter optimally.

2. A Minimalist Mosque with a Unique Touch

minimalist mosque

Source: Kibrispdr.org

If you don’t like a really simple look, you can add a little touch to the worship space.

For example, apply wallpaper exposed brick model as in this picture.

Don’t forget to add calligraphy decorations to the walls, okay?

3. Small Japanese Style Mosque Design

Design of a small prayer room on the back porch of the house in Japanese style

Source: Instagram/@fayagung

When you see this prayer room, you will immediately have Sakura Land. Yes, the design of the prayer hall carries the Japanese style.

This can be seen from the wood material used on the floor and several walls. A minimalist fence was chosen as a barrier to the rear garden area.

Sounds simple but interesting, right?

4. Small Cozy Small Mosque

small prayer hall on the back terrace

Source: Instagram/@rdyunita

To have a comfortable place of worship in the house, you don’t always have to have a large area.

Even with a small land you can, cookmake it happen

As in this picture, the prayer room of the house measures only 1.5 x 2.5 m. Very small isn’t it?

Kthe key lies in the use of space and the chosen design.

This mosque uses a white color that can give the impression of relief in the room.

Plus with decking floor basically. It looks so beautiful!

5. Small Mosque Design on the Back Terrace of the House Aesthetic

a small prayer room design in the back porch of the house that is aesthetic

Source: Instagram/@f3home_

To give it a more unique look, there is nothing wrong with giving a little decoration to the prayer room.

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These decorations can be applied to walls, floors, or include some furniture minimalist in the room.

Like table lamps for lighting and shelves for storing prayer utensils.

If you put it in a more closed area, make sure that the air circulation is good enough, yes. For example, apply a window to the side of the room.

6. Beautiful Small Mosque with Wall Roster

small prayer room with a wall list

Source: Instagram/@rachma_esti

If the size of the place of worship is not too wide. The most important thing to note is the ventilation in the room.

Don’t let the room feel stuffy which can make worship uncomfortable.

In fact, to achieve good air circulation in the room, you can do different ways.

Starting from applying windows in the room or applying an open concept.

Another option, try to apply the list on the walls.

In addition to being an insulator between rooms, this material can also be used for ventilation and lighting, that’s it.

7. Small, Industrial Style Mosque

small prayer hall with industrial concept

Sum: Instagram/@thekynans_zone

The design of this small prayer hall carries an industrial concept with exposed stone elements on the walls and artistically modeled concrete floors.

Its placement in an open space makes the industrial impression stand out even more.

One thing to note if you want to apply an industrial design to the prayer room, you should use neutral colors in the room.

8. Small prayer room equipped with a place for Wudu

Design of a small prayer room on the back porch of the house with a place for ablution

Source: Instagram/@rumah_enzo

Do you want to have a prayer room and a place for ablutions but the size of the land is tight? Don’t worry, you can make it happen!

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For inspiration, look at the design of a small prayer room behind the terrace of the house in this picture.

Although the size of the land is narrow, the worship area is also equipped with a place for ablution.

In essence, you must be able to use the space well and pay attention to the concepts applied.

If the size of the land is small, you should apply an open concept so that the room seems wider.

9. Cool and Beautiful Mushola Design

fresh and beautiful design of the prayer room

Source: Instagram/@fatni_cholidi

The fresh impression can be immediately felt in the design of the small prayer room in the back porch of this house.

The reason is that the worship space is located directly next to a minimalist fountain.

In addition, some ornamental plants are also applied to the area of ​​the room that adds to the beautiful impression.

How, interested in bringing this concept?

10. Charming Small Mosque

small prayer room in the back garden

Sum: Official YouTube/TRANS TV

Often with a Japanese feel, the design of the small prayer room in this house is right next door it was transparent.

It was transparent itself is a typical Japanese garden that usually consists of elements of rocks, sand and minimalist plants.

In the direction of Qibla, there is a wall shoji aka transparent paper-covered panels that add to the impression aesthetic on the room.

Well, it is a variety of inspiration for the design of a small prayer room in the veranda of the house.

So, which design do you want to choose?

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