10 simple wall fence patterns, simple but cool!

10 simple wall fence patterns, simple but cool!

simple wall fence model

Confused about what kind of fence design to make? Let’s see some inspiration for a simple wall fence model that can be your reference.

presence fence often becomes a very important thing in a house. Also, if you live on the side of a busy road.

Of course, the fence is an important element to protect the security and privacy of your home.

Things are different when you live in cluster housing with 24-hour security. You don’t need a fence.

Now, there are many fence models that can be your reference for applying to your dream home.

For example, as a simple fence wall model or a half wall fence model.

You just need to find a wall fence model that fits your home concept and taste. However, the minimalist wall fence model 2023 can be an option, here we go.

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10 Simple Ideas of Wall Fence Patterns

1.Purple Wall Fence

simple wall fence model

source: m.apkpure.com

This type of wall fence is the wall in front of the house that is most commonly used by many people. However, usually the wall fence is combined with other materials.

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For example, a purple wall, combined with black iron material that increases the appearance.

2. Simple Minimalist


source: homeshabby.com

This example of a cheap minimalist home wall mural is suitable for those of you who have budget limited when making a fence.

You can combine a brick wall with a minimalist iron fence model like this, the fence always looks attractive, right?

3. Natural Stone and Iron

natural stone

source: buildingabc.com

Another simple wall fence model is a wall covered with natural stone that looks like Hebel stone.

This wall fence is combined with iron material with a fairly large diameter, perfect if you want privacy.

4. Fence Wall with Wood Material

simple wall fence model

Various wall fence designs can be combined with any material, one of which is brown wood that makes the fence look more beautiful.

The wooden material on the fence makes a more natural accent, while there is a solid impression on the simple wall of the fence.

5. Pastel Colors for a Simple Wall Fence

simple wall fence model

source: creative-lightweight.com.au

The simple wall model that can be used for houses is the following wall and iron fence.

This simple fence model looks more elegant with pastel wall paint, the fence looks more elegant, huh.

6. Simple Fence Image


source: matchness.com

The type of picture of the front wall of the house that is commonly used for housing is a wall with an iron combination on the door.

Similar to the following picture, there is a combination of simple iron screen and wall plus the addition of wood and natural stone.

7. Half Wall Fence


source: instagram.com/debbymalindaa

The half-wall fence model is perfect for those of you who don’t like when the house is blocked by a concrete fence.

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This half wall can be combined with iron and wood simultaneously, there is an additional natural stone on the fence posts.

8. Simple and Cool Wall Fence Image

simple wall fence model

source: alparsa.co.id

Another variety of wall fence designs is to cover the wall of the house with black natural stone.

This minimalist wall fence model can be an attractive choice for a minimalist residential facade.

9. Black and white colors

simple wall house fence model

source: instagram.com/gatirizky/idntimes.com

Black and white is a very suitable combination for a house fence. Simple but still elegant, yes.

The white iron fence looks so prominent when juxtaposed with the wall fence with black natural stone.

10. Simple and minimalist

simple wall house fence model

source: homeshabby.com

For those of you who do not like fence models that are too flashy, the following inspiration options seem suitable for your home.

This simple wall house fence model with natural colored natural stones looks so simple.


Wow, there are also many simple wall patterns for occupation. Roughly what inspiration do you choose?

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