10 Simple Hydroponic Green House Designs

10 Simple Hydroponic Green House Designs

The world of agriculture is a very exciting thing to be involved in. Since then, plant lovers have existed for a very long time. Prove that plants are very useful and valuable commodities. As plant lovers, many people are more involved in the world of planting. An example is the development of plantations by building greenhouse. Plant lovers deserve to have a design green house hydroponics in their cases because it will be very useful in the process of planting and care.

If you examine the term green house itself is a protector of plants that can be said to be in the form of a cabin or roofed house that houses plants. presence greenhouse This aims to help plant care to avoid unstable weather disturbances and air pollution.

If Pins are still not familiar with the term greenhouse, Maybe Pins is familiar with the term greenhouse. In Indonesia greenhouse also known as a greenhouse because the building is designed to be transparent like glass. The goal is that sunlight enters even if the plants are covered with a roof.

Greenhouses can usually be found in large-scale plantations because they aim to avoid losses from external consequences. Even so, it turns out that Pins can still do it green house or this greenhouse at home you know. To build greenhouse maybe Pins need a lot of money and a large home area.

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However green house very useful for the protection of many plants for Pins who are very fond of plantations. If Pins are interested in building green house at home, we see 10 designs green house hydroponics for Pins at home.

Green House Bamboo


design ideas green house The first hydroponics we start from the simplest way. Drawing green house Pins can do the following simple hydroponics with cheap materials. Just provide some bamboo slats and transparent plastic with a fairly thick size. do it green house it doesn’t have to be big. By type of design green house This one Pins can make it small if it is limited by a narrow area.

Green House Tiny Wall Meeting


Drawing green house The second simple hydroponics that Pins can apply at home is with a small concept attached to the wall of the house. If Pins are limited by land, this concept will be very useful.

A design like this also looks unique because Pins can combine the back door access with a greenhouse. Pins can use this greenhouse for some plants that are very sensitive.

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Green House Assembled plastic paralon


Drawing green house This next hydroponic also comes with a simple concept that is very easy for Pins to apply at home. First, Pins can get paralon at the nearest material store and the plastic cover. Pins can be assembled at home with the concept tunnel. Even with cheap materials, Pins can do it green house home alone

Green House Used bottles


design ideas green house This simple hydroponic can be quite unique to Pins. The walls of the greenhouse Pins can be made with used bottles that are glued and arranged properly. So for the frame of Pins, you can use wood used at home or cheap wood. This method is very appropriate to save costs and at the same time recycle unused plastic.

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Green House Minimalist wood


In addition to paralon and bamboo, Pins can also use wood as a basic frame material green house a simple one. Pins can apply the shape of this greenhouse with a concept like a small house. With a plastic layer that covers the wooden frame protects the plant from external disturbances.

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Desain Hoop House


For Pins that don’t have enough land to do it green house, don’t worry. Pins can test designs coffin house which is used for small-scale cultivation. With this concept, Pins will save more costs and be flexible in determining the size of the greenhouse.

Drawing Green House Shade House


One design may be simpler than the other. With a semi-open concept, design shadow house it is a concept green house which only uses a net roof, fabric, and some wooden slats. Unlike other designs, shadow house do not use a cover wall. Just use the roof cover.

Desain Green House A-frame


If you want to have it green house with a unique appearance, then this design is a great choice. A-frame designs form like a triangle or letter A pattern that has a lot of space in it.

With its shape that resembles the letter A, it certainly adds to the aesthetics of green house. However, with this design, perhaps Pins will cost you more because the way to form the model is not easy and requires a large enough space.

Green House Piggyback


Maybe this one design is a design that Pins sees quite often. With a shape that resembles a house with different transparent vents that are useful to maintain air circulation. In making this design, Pins requires a large area and an area with a lot of wind.

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Green House Gothic design


Drawing green house The latest hydroponics that Pins can apply at home comes with the concept of gothic. This design is very impressive due to the uniqueness of the building that resembles Notre Dame. Pins you will find designs green house This is a lot in botanical gardens because it looks good and is not boring.

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Here are some designs green house simple hydroponics that Pins can apply at home. But before Pins starts building a greenhouse, make sure that the soil of Pins house is enough to do it. It can be useful!

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