10 simple but cool bedroom inspirations, decorating ideas for all ages

10 simple but cool bedroom inspirations, decorating ideas for all ages

the rooms are simple but cool

Do you want to have a simple but cool room? It’s easy. All you have to do is see and taste the different ideas and inspirations in this article.

However, if you can have a simple room design aesthetic and also comfortable, of course, the dream of many people.

Adequate room decoration conditions help the owner to get a quality rest.

One of the things you can do is choose a crib that is the right size.

In addition, the choice of room paint color also affects the interior appearance of the area.

The application of lighting is no less important to make the simple decorations of the room look cool.

There is no need to be confused, there are many simple room inspirations that can be reference ideas and can also be emulated.

Simple but fresh room inspiration, it can be a decoration idea!

1. Room with Bright Bed

simple aesthetic room

It is not difficult to make a 3×3 minimalist bedroom design as charming and comfortable as this one.

You can really put warm lighting accents on a bed like this. Of course, it will beautify the decoration.

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2. Soft Color Room Model

simple aesthetic kamar

The simple decoration of the teenager’s room is dazzling with the use of soft tones, such as white mixed with brown.

The presence of a vanity mirror equipped with a lamp makes the private area more beautiful.

3. Ornamental plants in the room

simple room design

To make a minimalist design of 3 × 4 room more beautiful and cool, you can bring indoor ornamental plants.

Like the pictures of the rooms aesthetic this one, which puts the mother-in-law’s tongue plant in a minimalist white pot.

4. Natural Nuanced Design

minimalist room decoration

This decoration of teenage rooms looks attractive thanks to the selection of natural decorative elements.

Part of the mattress is covered bed cover floral motifs. The use of the decoration of the wall of the room aestheticit also adds to the beauty.

5. Warm Simple Room Style

simple but cool room with a bed on the floor

The design of this room of 3 × 3 lesehan feels comfortable, due to the use of a mattress without a cradle.

This inspiration is also suitable for you when it is applied to the design of a small pension, which you have for rent, it does not need a lot of things.

6. Room with wooden parquet floor

aesthetic room inspiration

The decoration of this narrow room feels warm with the application of natural wood parquet floors.

The idea of ​​a parquet wood floor is also suitable for use in a 2 × 3 bedroom design with a floor mattress.

7. Cool Children’s Room Model

ide kamar aesthetic

Although simple, the child’s room feels fresh thanks to the transformation of wall colors with unique combinations and patterns.

In addition, accompanied with a minimalist crib bed and also a wardrobe with Scandinavian shades, so the decoration is even more attractive.

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8. Room design with Bunk Beds

examples of aesthetic children's rooms

You can also make a simple room model for your child to look fresher and more attractive.

The presence of the beds in the shape of a house and the process of wall painting with a theme of the sky, results in a simple but unique aesthetic room.

9. Britpop Nursery Style

inspiration for decorating a teenager's room

The sub-Britpop theme will make a simple but cool children’s room even more exciting.

To make room even more exceptionalyou can apply two-tone wall paint, blue and white.

10. Kamar Bayi Aesthetics

pictures of aesthetic rooms for children

Simple baby room designs can also be made to look dazzling. For example, this design 2 × 2 of a small room.

The inspiration of the decoration of the room with the murals and ornaments of airplane toys will give a unique aesthetic.


These are a variety of simple but cool room inspirations that you can try at home.

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, okay!

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