10 Simple but beautiful wooden house model inspirations

10 Simple but beautiful wooden house model inspirations

Simple but beautiful wooden house model

A simple but beautiful wooden house model can be your choice to build a cool and beautiful house. Let’s take a look at the inspiration in this article.

If you can have a house, it is the dream of everyone, both urban and rural.

Not only buying, building a house is also the most exciting moment, that’s it.

How come? You have assisted in the construction of the house from the beginning to the end.

Of course, there is a sense of joy and concern regarding the shape and concept of the building that will be finished.

Interestingly, instead of using concrete, there are many people who choose a beautiful wooden house model.

They try to make the house look in harmony with nature with wooden house wall patterns and so on.

The reason is that you can also form a wooden house with a minimalist house design to have a pool or a garden in front of the house.

In addition, you can also make a simple and elegant living room according to the concept of the house.

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The choice of wood materials in buildings can be inspired by pictures of simple country houses.

Do you want to know how to inspire a simple but beautiful wooden house model?

Simple but beautiful wooden house model inspirations

1. Minimalist Wooden House

Minimalist Wooden House

Source: Digsdigs.com

A simple minimalist wooden house with many windows can be an interesting house concept to make.

Especially if the area around your residence is still very beautiful and has a lot of trees, maybe you want to live in Lombok or Bali?

The air that circulates through the circulation window feels cooler.

2. Beautiful Simple Wooden House

Beautiful Simple Wooden House

Source: Satujam.com

Apparition You can imitate this simple but beautiful wooden house model for a comfortable residence, that’s it.

You can make it more interesting by using a mansard roof with a small attic above.

The decoration of the terrace of the house can also be adapted to an attractive residential concept.

3. Simple Board House in the Village

beautiful simple wooden house

Source: rumahsubsidicikarang.com

A simple pension house in this country can also be an interesting inspiration when building a dwelling.

In addition to the wooden elements that give a warm feeling, the wooden houses in the village also support a more beautiful atmosphere.

You can make it as simple as in the picture so that the family atmosphere is even more felt.

4. Simple wooden house model scene at Village

Small wooden house with stage concept

Source: Monitorpapua.com

This simple but beautiful wooden house model has a high stage concept, similar to traditional houses in Kalimantan or Sulawesi.

You can use the stairs to make access inside and outside the house, make sure the stairs are safe for everyone.

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In addition, you can use other materials for the roof to make it more robust, such as metal roof tiles.

5. Unique and beautiful wooden house

unique and beautiful wooden house

Source: architecturesstyle.com

The design of the wooden house looks unique and beautiful with a large scale infinite or without polishing.

In any case, you always give a touch of wood color so that the house becomes more beautiful aesthetic.

You can make the size of the residence larger so that the house can accommodate more family members.

6. Simple European wooden house design

Classic European wooden house

Source: loghouse.fi

This simple but beautiful wooden house model is in European or American style American classic it’s cool.

As is known, western countries are dominant in the choice of the concept of houses with wood.

There are many factors that make Westerners choose wood, such as frequent tornadoes and others.

7. Simple wooden house on the beach

Simple wooden house on the beach

Source: Maxsi.id

Well, for those of you who have a residence on the beach, this wooden house image inspiration can be an interesting choice to try, that’s it.

Just make a house with some rooms that are not too big, and install some windows with a view of the beach.

8. Design a wooden house around the mountain

wooden house near the mountain

Source: Dreamstime.com

A simple but beautiful model of a wooden house can also be applied to the dwellings at the foot of the mountain.

In fact, you can even make a terrace at home simple and aesthetic attractive as a holiday residence or villa.

Install some windows that make the house always have fresh air circulation at all times.

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9. Simple Plank House on the Beach

Simple Board House on the beach

Source: Hargakamar.com

This simple guest house can also be a residence for those of you who live around the beach.

You can apply simple and unique designs with or without wood paint.

It is very suitable for those of you who like to spend time in nature.

10. Modern Wooden House Pictures

Modern wooden house pictures

Source: Jbsolis.com

The pictures of modern wooden houses like the picture above can also be your choice to build a dwelling.

Use subtle natural decorations such as ornamental plants and rocks to add beauty to your home.

Well, this is a short review of a simple but beautiful wooden house model.

I hope it inspires you, Property.


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