10 simple aesthetic ideas of inspiration for the design of a small restaurant

10 simple aesthetic ideas of inspiration for the design of a small restaurant

Simple little restaurant

There are a number of simple food stall design ideas that can attract visitors to come. Look at the inspiration!

When opening a food stall business, of course, it takes courage and proper preparation.

Starting from how to make delicious dishes, to pack in a design concept that can attract consumers to come.

Well, one of them is to make a simple shop design in front of the house and still see it aesthetic.

In addition, now the trend of visitors prefers a minimalist shop design with elegant decorations Instagrammable.

So, before starting a business, it is a good idea to look for inspiration for a simple design of food stalls that can attract the interest of potential consumers.

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Simple but attractive Warung design

1. Use a Wooden Pallet Table

simple instagramable food setup concept

One way to create a contemporary interior look is to use a unique shop table.

A simple shop design idea that uses a table made of pallet wood, for example, only use used wood.

You can take this inspiration, to be implemented in your small food stall image.

2. Unique wall decoration

simple small lunch design

There is no need to hesitate to bring wall decorations that can steal the attention of visitors.

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You can get the idea from the picture of this simple looking tent aesthetic with wall decorations in the form of unique plant shelves.

This inspiration can also be used for the design of a cafe in front of the house, so it will give an interesting accent.

3. Traditional Restaurant Model

simple but attractive restaurant design

The simple shop model looks attractive thanks to the traditional design theme it carries.

To present a traditional impression, you can use bamboo material and combine it with a wooden terrace bed.

The minimalist design of the food installation will present an incomparable culinary experience.

4. Stall with Cart in Room

contemporary dining design

This simple store looks unique with the existence of a cart.

The rows of long wooden chairs add a comfortable impression to the simple dining area, the feeling is different, right.

5. Authentic Stall Design

simple concept of authentic food stand

The print of this simple tent feels authentic with the presence of interior decorations, it can be seen from the picture.

This is due to the use of ceramic floor tiles vintage and even a minimalist wooden table, the furniture is really old school.

You can adopt this idea in the design of a roadside food stand, which you do.

6. Cozy Home Stall

home coffee shop design

The design of the house plus this store looks and feels attractive home thanks to the arrangement of the design, visitors can feel at home.

The wooden table is located outside, providing an extraordinary culinary experience.

Also add a number of ornamental plants, to create a fresh and comfortable design of open food stalls.

7. Media Store

Cafe design in front of the house

Simple coffee design out of feel free with the application of a wide opening glass window, a simple design.

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Of course, visitors can enjoy the activity of the barista when preparing the coffee, which is an attraction in itself.

8. Unique Warung Aesthetic

simple street cafe design

Want to create a unique coffee shop design at home? Try to copy the inspiring ideas of this shop, there are beautiful flower decorations.

With the design concept of this small simple food stall, you can open a coffee business, even in a narrow area

9. Tiny Stall Design

Aesthetic design of the cafe in front of the house

This design of the coffee house feels home and aesthetic despite having a small size.

The reason is that the place has a sitting area decorated with plants out of.

10. Industrial barn style

simple food stall design

If you want to create an industrial-themed food installation, you can apply a minimalist lamp design from an LED bulb.

It also combines with the design of the exposed concrete wall, because it looks like an industrial shade, the shade is really different.

Well, they are the various design inspirations for small simple food places, which have unique and unique nuances aesthetic


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