10 Recommended Bathroom Floor Ceramics, Don’t just choose

10 Recommended Bathroom Floor Ceramics, Don’t just choose

bathroom floor tiles

A number of recommendations regarding bathroom floors are again presented, do not forget to consider many things before choosing.

When choosing bathroom tiles, of course, you can’t just choose tiles that have a good design.

However, you have to consider a number of things like comfort and safety when you are on the move modern bathroom.

Especially if there are children at home or there are parents and relatives, the above should be considered.

Of course, the inhabitants of the house must be able to feel safe, without fear of slipping, or worried about other incidents.

Choosing the right floor tiles can also make the bathroom look wider and brighter.

Property site www.lacrymosemedia.com will give advice on the best tiles for the bathroom.

Bathroom Floor Ceramic Tile

bathroom floor tiles

1. Patterned and Monochrome Colors

The choice of beautiful bathroom tile floors, modeled with colors that fade, but still attractive.

Of course, this tile is a good choice of bathroom tiles, don’t worry, there are many other recommendations.

bathroom floor tiles

2. Hexagon shape

There is an option for bathroom tiles with a cool hexagonal shape, of course, making the bathroom more attractive.

Dark colors can be an option, do not forget to determine the size of the bathroom floor.

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bathroom floor tiles

3. Charming Gray Color

Although it is not a 30 × 30 cm bathroom floor, it is because the reasons are great.

You can choose bathroom tiles like this, the gray color makes the floor look beautiful.

bathroom floor tiles

4. Herringbone pattern

Of course, this is not a 25 × 25 cm bathroom tile, but a smaller tile with a fish or fish motif.

You can match the wall or bathroom tiles with floor tiles to make the room look more harmonious.

bathroom floor tiles

5. Choose Patterned Or Plain

You can choose plain or patterned bathroom floor tiles, depending on your design taste.

If the bathroom is painted white, you can insert tiles with patterns so that there are interesting accents.

bathroom floor tiles

6. Play Patterns and Shapes

Also play with patterns and shapes, the bathroom floor has a hexagonal design while the wall tiles have a rectangular design.

Do not forget to choose rough bathroom floor tiles so as not to slip when there is a puddle of water.

bathroom floor tiles

7. All-White Bathroom

There is a choice of wet or dry bathroom tiles that can be different, you can design a dry bathroom.

Choosing an all white bathroom can be an option if you want the room to look neat and clean.

bathroom floor tiles

8. Large Tile Size

You can also choose a large tile size to make the room look more spacious and airy.

For the color, you can adjust to the style of the interior design of the bathroom to make it look harmonious.

bathroom floor tiles

9. Black and white shades

There is a choice of black and white shades in the bathroom, the bathroom tiles are even more beautiful with this color combination.

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Do not forget to always install non-slippery bathroom floor tiles, especially in wet bathrooms.

bathroom floor tiles

10. Choose Wide-Size Tiles

Another option to make the bathroom look more spacious is to install wide tiles.

The rectangular tile shape can certainly make the bathroom look wider, just try these tips at home.

Before choosing tiles, do not forget to check the price of 20 × 20 cm bathroom tiles, bathroom tile prices.

Do not forget to find out also the price of ceramic floors or the price of non-slip bathroom floors.


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