10 reasons why you need an apartment balcony

10 reasons why you need an apartment balcony

There are not many apartment balconies in Indonesia. Although the availability of balconies abroad is like an obligation for the developer to provide.

The balcony has many functions as the expansion of the room. Also, the building looks nicer with this area. The many advantages of having an apartment balcony include the following:

Green area

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The vertical housing does not have a large size. Except for the penthouse units that occupy the top floor of the apartment building. The limitations of the apartment unit can be cheated by the construction of balconies.

The balcony can be used as a green area. Plants that are planted can also be arranged vertically. Some plants that are suitable for you to plant in the balcony area are elephant ears, cactus, Chinese moneyto the screws.

The vines are slow growing. The leaves love to creep and add to the aesthetics of the balcony. The above plants also love sunlight, so it fits perfectly on the balcony.

The plants can be placed on the wall of the balcony or part railing The treatment is only water so that the nutrients that the plants need are met.

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Hangout spot


Even if the balcony area is small, it can be a place hang out favored Pins can put a sofa bed or a folding chair here. Folding chairs and tables are practical because when they are not in use they can be folded directly.

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It is light in weight and helps the maintenance of the balcony because it saves space. Use the balcony as a private relaxation area. Pins can read books or relax here.

Place of the sun


Another benefit of the balcony, besides being a place to relax, is an effective place for drying. Direct sunlight hits the balcony, so it is suitable for drying clothes.

When drying, you should use a hanger or a clothes pin. The balconies are at a certain height easily hit by strong winds. Pins can prevent clothes from falling in the above way.

This place Pins can use to exercise. Every morning when the weather is sunny, put a mat for yoga or just to sunbathe there.

Make it easier to check the weather


The existence of a balcony makes it easier for Pins to check the weather outside. Before you travel, it is a good idea to prepare everything, including checking the weather conditions.

The balcony makes it easy to check the conditions outside the apartment without having to go down with the elevator. Pins can also check traffic conditions from apartment units. From the balcony Pins can also know what is outside the apartment.

If you want to increase the privacy of this area, install curtains waterproof to withstand different weather conditions.

Easy to enjoy the surroundings


It is undeniable that the balcony is the right place to enjoy the view. Especially the units at a certain height exemplify the atmosphere of a busy city.

When the morning Pins can enjoy the heat of the sun. Meanwhile, at night, Pins can clearly see the view of the sky from here. Not infrequently the balcony is also a place for barbecue.

Fiery event with friends out of no need to keep Pins in roof. From the balcony Pins can enjoy the fresh air and the sunset with their loved ones.

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Provide fresh air for the animal


Some apartments allow residents to bring pets. The benefit of a balcony is that it can provide fresh air for your pet.

Animals are not easily stressed and feel stuffy even if they live in an apartment. The happiest time for the animals themselves is to spend time outside.

If Pins does not have much time, he can bring a cat or a dog to the balcony. From here the animal feels free and reduces anxiety and stress.

Additional play locations for the little ones


In addition to pets, the balcony also functions as a play area for children. From the balcony the child will discover the outside world from the place he considers the safest.

Relaxing on the balcony will develop your child’s imagination. You can also do physical activity here with Pins surveillance of course.

Shadow and highlight effects


The balcony can be a marker of your apartment unit with other units. By adding some decorations, the difference will be clearly visible. In addition, the balcony has a shadow effect.

The floor below will also be protected by the balcony floor above. Especially if the balcony of the apartment has a large enough size.

Adding the value of the apartment


According to property service stated that apartments with balconies can increase the value of the occupation.

For example, studio apartments with balconies can be sold 11.69% higher than units without balconies.

Two-bedroom apartments with balconies sell for 8.40% more than units without balconies.

Especially if the view from the balcony is spectacular. The retail price can be even higher than a regular unit.

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Finally, the reason why Pins needs to buy an apartment with a balcony is that it can be used as a warehouse. Pins can put unused items on the balcony. Place items in the corner of the balcony to avoid rain.

Balconies can help homes with limited land to have additional space. Even if the place is in out of but the area is multifunctional. Pins can be used as a place to relax, green area and more.

The apartment balcony is a marker for your residential unit. From here, Pins can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape more freely.

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