10 quality tips for the kitchen

10 quality tips for the kitchen

slow cooker

It’s really a dream, if every day you can serve a variety of iftar menus that are practical, delicious and fast. So, instead of buying, you can also cook different types of iftar dishes at home, you know.

If you cook, save more money and ensure the nutritional content in each dish. It’s not difficult, you just need some ingredients and kitchen tools or kitchen utensils depending on the dish you want to make.

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Kitchen utensil recommendations for cooking in the month of Ramadan

If you variety sell different types kitchen utensils which you can use to cook iftar and sahur dishes, such as the following.

1. Slow cooker

kitchen utensil tips
Bear 2 Ltr Slow Cooker – Pink

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Want to cook perfectly cooked meat but retain the fiber and nutrients? If so, you can use it slow cooker. This device cooks the food slowly, but the maturity is also, because the meat becomes more tender.

You can wear it slow cooker for cooking meat, chicken, vegetables, soup, until dessert. Very multifunctional, right?

2. Pots and Pans Set

kitchen utensil tips
Kitchen color set 5 pieces of kitchen equipment Sienna – Mint green

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Do you miss eating country fried rice? Or do you want chicken curry with family recipe spices? Relax, you can cook with this set of pots and pans.

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Interestingly, this kitchen utensil can be used for gas, induction and electric stoves. Complete package, right?

3. Steam Pot

kitchen utensil tips
Bear versatile 4 liter steamer

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Did you know that steamed food is healthier? You see, the steaming technique can maintain the calorie content in the food. Well, you can use this single steamer for steaming and boiling.

You can also cook an iftar menu à la cChinese restaurant hot and nutritious, such as steamed bread, dim sum, boiled chicken and hainam rice.

4. Chopper

kitchen utensil tips
Fissler Finecut versatile chopper – white

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If you have chopper, You do not need to spend time to cut ingredients, such as onions and chilies. In addition to cutting, this tool has three other functions, namely the drying of vegetables and fruits, the move, and serves as a food container.

5. Microwave

Kris microwave oven 20 liters - white
Microwave Kris 20 Ltr – white

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Do you want to eat ready-to-eat food when you break your fast? Keep warm, use microwave. So that the food is not dry, you can put water in a small glass cup and cook with the food.

Later, this water will release steam, and hydrate the food so that it does not dry out, and remains safe for consumption.

6. Oven

Toaster Oven Kris 21 Ltr 1000 Watt - Black
Toaster Oven Kris 21 Ltr 1000 Watt – Black

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Recommendation kitchen utensils You can use this to make cakes to break the fast. How to use it is also practical, you know! You just need to preheat the oven, put the food in the middle of the oven, set the temperature according to the type of food, and leave it for a while until it is cooked.

7. Rice Cooker Digital

kitchen utensil tips
Rice Cooker Kris 300 Ml Digita Drc-03l – Black

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Cooking rice while preparing an iftar meal is no longer a problem if you use it rice cooker digital brand Kris. You can use it to cook white, red and yellow rice.

8. Air fryer

Klaz Oven 20 Ltr With Air Fryer
Klaz 20 Ltr Oven with Air Fryer

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An iftar meal is incomplete without tempe mendoan and other types of fried foods. If you want to stay healthy, you can eat fried foods that are cooked without oil air fryer. So, you can reduce the risk of strep throat, deh.

9. Toaster

kitchen utensil tips
Kels Harwin Toaster – White

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Toaster is a kitchen tool for baking bread and cakes. If you want to prepare a practical sahur dish, you can make toast with only toaster.

Then, offer delicious toppings, such as sliced ​​meat or scrambled eggs.

10. Grill Tool

kitchen utensil tips
Kels 3.2 Ltr Havana Electric Grill – Black

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Tired of the same iftar dishes? Well, you can create a BBQ-style sensation when you break your fast. Just provide an electric grill, you can serve chicken satay or grilled meat.

With only ten tips kitchen utensils above, you can cook different types of dishes to break the fast and sahur. You can get all the kitchen equipment above variety.

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