10 practical ways to get rid of snails around the house

10 practical ways to get rid of snails around the house

how to get rid of snails

Snails or slugs are often a problem, there are many ways to get rid of snails that damage plants, either naturally or in other ways.

Who doesn’t know about snails? Women are generally disgusted with this animal, I that’s good.

Snails have a Latin name Achatina fulica or also known as land snails, soft-bodied animals.

This animal originated in East Africa and began to spread in almost the world after being brought in trade.

Snails are one of the aggressive invasive species which is why these animals have been banned from keeping.

In addition to being kept, these animals are also consumed in many countries including Indonesia and France.

Snail has become one of the high quality meals in the fine dining restaurant known as escargot in France.

The Indonesian people know this animal with different names ranging from snails, snails, to golden snails even though they are actually different.

In fact, snails and slugs are classified as dangerous to humans because they carry parasitic worms.

During the rainy season, snails become one of the animals that become pests and diseases for plants.

Do snails eat plants? Can snails harm plants? It is time for you to know the snail pests and the symptoms of the attack.

These animals can damage a number of plants in your garden or yard, so they must be removed.

Therefore, you need to know how to easily eradicate snails from plants.

property page www.lacrymosemedia.com will explain about the natural way to eradicate snails, also how to get rid of snails easily.

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how to get rid of snails

How to get rid of snails around the house

1. Taking it one at a time

The easiest, cheapest and most natural way to get rid of snails is to take them one by one.

You can use gloves, tongs, or even no tools to pick up snails.

Don’t worry, snails don’t bite, so you don’t have to worry about getting hurt or infected.

2. Watering Salt Water

How to get rid of this snail is very easy, that is to say to make a solution or a mixture of water with salt without a certain dose.

After that, wash or spray the liquid towards the snails so that these destructive animals die.

The snail’s body is weak so it can not withstand the mixture of salt water or solution.

3. Using garlic

The smell of garlic is really very pungent and it is one of the things that snails hate.

Just make a mixture or solution of water with garlic without a certain composition to become a snail repellent liquid, and also how to get rid of snails.

After that, you need to sprinkle or sprinkle water on the ground, plants, and other areas so that the snails do not want to approach.

4. Using natural predators

This natural way to eradicate snails is certainly effective because it uses natural predators from snails like frogs to snakes.

Some animals are natural enemies of snails or natural snail repellents, but you have to consider several things.

However, of course, it is not easy to put these animals especially snakes that are certainly dangerous.

Meanwhile, if you put frogs around the garden, your pet frog can also go somewhere.

5. Using Fruit Skin

In fact, the most appropriate way to remove snails from this plant is to trap the animals to come to the unused fruit peels.

You can use orange peel, banana, or something else to get the snails to approach the bait.

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After that, you can remove the snail with a shovel or any tool you have.

how to get rid of snails

6. Cleaning the environment around the house

Snails like damp and dirty places, so you need to clean the environment around your house.

How to eradicate this snail is also quite easy and should be done so that they are no longer annoying pests.

Do not forget to clean weeds, dry leaves, etc., because there is no place for snails.

7. Use the eggshell

You can use leftover chicken eggshells that have been washed, then dried, then crushed.

The next step is to sprinkle the bark around the plant or garden to prevent snails.

How to deal with snails on this plant is effective because these animals do not like sharp and rough surfaces.

8. Using Black Coffee Dregs

You can use ground coffee, not instant coffee that has no pulp.

Sprinkle this coffee containing nitrogen around the garden, snails do not like it.

How to deal with snail pests is also easy to do because it uses ingredients that are in the kitchen.

9. Make traps for snails

Another way to get rid of snails is to use a trap that contains a mixture of tea, yeast and white sugar.

Put the mixture of these two ingredients in the bucket, also mix the water in it, the snails will be attracted.

After that, these animals can no longer come out, just throw them away or kill these annoying pests.

10. Use Pesticides

There are also many ways to get rid of snails, right? If you find it difficult, you can use a pesticide that kills the snail.

Actually, how to deal with this snail pest is not very different from how to eradicate the sumpil or how to eradicate the sucker snail.

You can give poison to small snails as a way to eradicate small snail pests on plants.

Or how to get rid of snails with sevin or snail exterminator drugs, you can buy in the store or market.

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how to get rid of snails

How to exterminate snails and their types

In addition to snails and small snails on the ground, there are other pests, namely snails without shells, golden snails, and others.

In truth, snails and slugs are always a brother, belonging to the same class but belonging to different species.

You can do the same method of exterminating snails without shells at home, the method is similar to the extermination of snails.

Of course, you wonder why there are so many snails in the house, why the snails enter the house, where the snails come from.

Both snails can damage plants, the symptoms of snail attack, the cause of many snails in the house, until snails without shells enter the house.

Plant pests can come from anywhere, so you have to know how to get rid of food slugs or leaf slugs.

How do you get rid of snails? Actually, how do you get rid of snails because snails and slugs are not very different outside of the shell.

So how do you eradicate snails without shells, how do you eradicate sumpil, how do you eradicate golden snails with salt are really similar.

How to eradicate snail poison pests, how to eradicate small snails on plants, or eradicate small snails on plants.

You can apply the above method, actually this pest is easy to treat, don’t worry.


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