10 practical Iftar menus only 30 minutes

10 practical Iftar menus only 30 minutes

fried rice
Source: Unsplash/ Kalyani Akella

Open to fasting month It doesn’t have to be a fancy and heavy dish, really. There are many iftar menus that are practical and easy for you to serve, especially if you don’t have enough time to cook.

Therefore, we have prepared recommendations for a practical iftar menu that you can make at home for your beloved family.

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It doesn’t take much to prepare, you know! In just 30 minutes, you can make the following iftar menu.

1. Stir-Fry Beans Tofu in Oyster Sauce

sauteed chickpeas
Fried chickpeas in oyster sauce to break the fast

If you don’t have time to cook, this menu is perfect as an iftar menu. Not only healthy, this food can also fill the stomach without making you feel healthy, you know!

The main ingredients are very easy to get and you only need about 20-30 minutes to make them following the instructions fried chickpeas recipe here.

2. Fried shrimp with mayonnaise flour

less sahur and iftar
Source: KOBE Kitchen

After the vegetable menu, we now turn to the processed menu seafood which tastes delicious when breaking the fast. You can make fried shrimp with flour and mayonnaise sauce.

To do it, you need only 30 minutes. The ingredients he needs are quite easy to find, such as shrimp, cornstarch, baking soda and mayonnaise.

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This iftar menu can be made by beginners, you know. see, Fried shrimp recipe with mayonnaise flour easy to follow.

3. Fried vermicelli

fried vermicelli menu iftar and sahur
Source: Filmela

Fried vermicelli is the favorite dish of most Indonesians. It is not surprising, this food is often made to break the fast menu and everyday dishes.

Currently, you can create fried vermicelli with various other ingredients such as shrimp and meatballs to make the taste even more delicious.

So, if you want to cook delicious and delicious fried vermicelli, you can follow this Fried vermicelli recipe here.

4. Iced Coffee Milk Palm Sugar

iced coffee latte
Source: Pexels/Archie Binamira

Iftar, of course, should start with sweet foods and cool drinks to quench the thirst. Well, you can make palm sugar iced coffee. The combination of coffee milk, palm sugar and ice cream can give the right sweet taste.

You can also make palm sugar iced coffee easily at home, you know. Just follow along palm sugar coffee recipe here.

5. Ice Kopyor Jeruk

i practice less iftar
Mix fresh orange with coconut ice

Another cool drink that is suitable for the iftar menu is the orange iced kopyor. Who is not tempted by the freshness of coconut water mixed with orange juice during the month of fasting?

Add topping family favorites to make your iced kopyor even more delicious, such as coconut juice, syrup and roof fruit. You can see The practical recipe for orange kopyor ice cream here.

6. Capcay

i practice less iftar
Source: HappyFresh

Practical food does not mean unhealthy, you know. The proof, you can also make capcay as an iftar menu.

In addition to being easy and does not require much time, this menu is also healthy because it consists of various types of vegetables, such as cauliflower, mustard, carrots and mushrooms. Thus, you can keep your body strong during the month of fasting.

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7. Chicken Fried Rice

i practice less iftar
Source: Pexels/Trista Chen

After many heavy dishes and cold drinks, of course, you can not forget the fried rice as a practical pillar. Of course, this menu does not last more than 30 minutes, you know!

To make it more delicious and healthy, you can add pieces of chicken and other vegetables, such as carrots and green beans.

8. Tofu Teriyaki

tofu teriyaki
Source: Unsplash.com

This viral menu turns out to be practically made with ingredients that are easy to find. You know! You need about 30 minutes to produce a delicious and delicious teriyaki tofu menu.

Not only to break the fast, you can also make this dish a sahur menu. Whether served with hot rice or fried rice, it will definitely get you and your family addicted.

9. Chicken soup

i practice less iftar
Source: cookapahariini.com

You can also cook chicken soup as a practical dish to break the fast. In addition to being easy, chicken soup also contains high nutrition because there are many vegetables in it. In fact, this menu can be completed in less than 30 minutes, you know!

10. Fruit salad

fruit salad
Source: Pexels/Abhijit Mulye

So that your body does not lose a lot of fiber during fasting, you can make a fruit salad to break the fast.

The steps to do it are also simple, really! You just need to collect several types of fruit, such as apples, dragons, grapes, and others, and put them in a container. So, give mayonnaise or milk, deh.

It is a simple and practical iftar menu that you can serve in just 30 minutes.

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