10 modern examples of minimalist houses with sloping roofs

10 modern examples of minimalist houses with sloping roofs

sloping roof

Do you want to try to apply a sloping roof house design? Check out the inspiration below, OK!

In addition to functioning as a protector of the house, the roof can also beautify the appearance of the house as a whole.

Especially if you choose a contemporary ceiling design as a concept sloping roof aka sloping roof.

Interested in building a pitched roof house?

Go ahead, check out the collection of inspiration in the article below!

10 Inspirations for the design of a house with a sloping roof

1. Atap Deco Lanang

sloping roof

Source: deagamdesign.com

The first example of a minimalist house with a sloping roof is made with a concept double roof which gives the appearance of two separate parts of the building.

The walls in the area of ​​the facade use red bricks which are arranged together in such a way that it can be a sign that the interior of the house is designed with high ceilings.

2. Model of a sloping roof

sloping roof

Source: metricon.com.au

The most prominent thing about the structure of the sloping roof is its appearance that automatically makes the house more minimalist and modern.

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But this does not mean that all parts of the house have to use the same roof model, like the picture above which is actually a pyramidal shape (hip roof).

3. Minimalist House with Tiles

sloping roof

Source: archdaily.com

You can use ceramic tiles as a strong and robust building base material for maximum protection from leaks.

Its use must be in tandem with proper installation techniques so that it is not easily dislodged when installed on the roof frame.

4. Wooden pitched roof house

sloping roof

Source: Gillang Langit Ramadhan

To get the perfect classic home accent, choosing high-quality wood tables is highly recommended.

The size of the beams or boards used must be adjusted to the area to be covered.

5. Concrete panel structure for a 2-story house

sloping roof

Source: architecturenow.co.nz

It is no secret that concrete is a popular construction material due to its high resistance to various types of disturbances.

In this 2-level pitched roof house, you can see panels made of concrete with symmetrical shapes that merge from the sides of the building.

6. House with sloping roof

modern residential ceiling design inspirations

Source: Gillang Langit Ramadhan

The term slide that is attached to this minimalist home roof design is the part of the surface that extends until it almost touches the ground.

As a result, the ceiling shows an illusion of a structure similar to a large slide.

That way, homeowners don’t need to check the roof for leaks because they can go straight up without the help of a ladder.

7. Combine with Flat Roofs

sloping roof

Source: thietkethicongnhadep.net

Combining two types of roofs in one house can also meet the needs and desires of residents who enjoy the area. roof.

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This flat roof design combined with a sloping roof can reduce the impression of rigidity that usually appears and can improve the visual appearance of the residential exterior.

8. Minimalist house with a gable roof

contemporary residential roof models

Source: domywstylu.pl

The popularity of the gable roof model, which is widely used in Indonesian homes, is due to its practical and cost-effective maintenance.

Especially considering the high rainfall every year, it will certainly reduce the risk of stagnant water above the house.

9. Sturdy Residential Architecture

sloping roof

Source: architecture3.reisenlab.com

Residential style residential able to create a more luxurious and robust impression at the same time.

Models like this are ideal for residential areas in the tropics that want to maximize air circulation by making high ceilings.

10. Continuous sloping roof house

inspiration for contemporary residential roof designs

Source: nicety.livejournal.com

Connecting all parts of the house in sOr the same roof umbrella can give a unique and wider external impression.

However, the structure of the building with a sloping roof model like this must extend backwards.


I hope this collection of sloping roof house designs is useful for you.

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