10 Modern and Attractive Type 21 House Designs

10 Modern and Attractive Type 21 House Designs

Today, many minimalist homes are chosen by residential hunters. Besides being cheaper, the reason why many house hunters choose it type 21 house it is because the number of family members is not too much, because they do not need a big house. Usually designed to have a large front and back garden. The point is to provide land for future development when needed. But there are also those that do not spare the land and are built. So, if you are interested in having this type of house, here are ten examples of type 21 house designs that are attractive and easy to build:

What is a type 21 house?

The Type 21 house is a type of house built by developer property Usually this type of house has a size of 3 x 7 square meters. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 carport minimalist size. The house with type 21 is the smallest type in a house.

Type of house design 21 – 1

Image via home-designing.com

Here is the first example that can be emulated. It can be seen that this house does not have a garden in front or back, which means that the whole land is built into buildings. But at the back there is still a little space for a small terrace that can be used as a place to relax in the afternoon. This minimalist home design is also quite unique because the two rooms are placed side by side and parallel to the kitchen.

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Type of house design 21 – 2

Image via home-designing.com

The following is an example of the next type 21 2 bedroom house design. You can see that from the entrance we are immediately in front of a family room and the dining room and a small kitchen. While the bedroom and bathroom are in the back.

Examples of Type 21 – 3 House Designs

Image via home-designing.com

Although the 21-type house is included in a small house, because it does not have enough land to make a garden, this 21-type house design can also blow the occupants to make them feel comfortable and fresh. That is, placing small trees in the house. So, you can still see the green landscape every day.

Examples of Type 21 – 4 House Designs

Image via conceptark.fr

The application of the scale can really give a different impression, you know! With a staircase at the entrance, your home will look more magnificent. In addition, the use of a variety of paint colors can be smarter than the condition of a small house to be more cheerful and colorful.

Examples of Type 21 – 5 House Designs

Image via dibujocad.blogspot.com

Finally, there is an example of a house design that is quite unique because of the triangular shape of the land behind it. Advance the shape of the land, then you can make a small veranda equipped with a bed to relax in the morning or in the evening. Of course, the home page can be used to read a book while listening to your favorite music!

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Type 21 1 bedroom house design

Residential Design Drawings Type 21 – 1

Image via home-designing.com

If above we discussed examples of houses with 2 rooms, so now we discuss examples of houses with 1 room. This is the first example. It can be seen that on the side of the house a small terrace was built specifically to place the plants. The shape of the bathroom is also unusual. However, this house is more likely to leave an empty lot in front of the house to be used as a garden.

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Residential Design Drawings Type 21 – 2

Image via home-designing.com

There is a similarity between the previous example and this house, namely that there is a small terrace on the side of the house to put plants. The difference is that the design of this house has a wider kitchen while the bathroom is smaller. The living room is combined with the dining room.

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Residential Design Drawings Type 21 – 3

Image via home-designing.com

The third example, this one-room house leaves no remaining land either in front or behind the house. Thus, if additional space is needed later, it is likely that additional floors will be added. The plus point is that the family room, dining room and bedroom are bigger.

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Residential Design Example 4

Image via home-designing.com

Again, the following design examples leave no blank space. The plus point is that this design leaves a large enough space to be used as a nice back terrace. In addition to this, it can be seen that this house also has a laundry room that is separate from the bathroom. Meanwhile, the kitchen is deliberately made smaller and the bathroom is minimalist.

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Residential Design Example 5

Image via home-designing.com

The final example of the design is quite unique. Because this house has two bathrooms. A bathroom for the public and another bathroom for the owner who is in the room. Therefore, the kitchen is deliberately designed minimalist. Even so, this residence still has a terrace on the side.

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