10 models of comfortable long wooden terrace chairs, time to relax

10 models of comfortable long wooden terrace chairs, time to relax

terrace long wooden chairs

The placement of a long wooden terrace chair at home will complement the comfort while you relax, and also present an aesthetic decoration..

chair heart be furniture that must be present at home, because the furniture completes the relaxing moment.

There are many choices of minimalist patio chairs with unique and attractive designs, one of which is a long wooden patio chair.

With an elongated shape, this piece of furniture can also be used as a comfortable guest chair in the terrace area.

Generally, minimalist wooden patio chairs come with a simple but still attractive design.

Of course, making the minimalist terrace decoration 2021 look even more beautiful and unique.

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Variety of long wooden terrace chairs, comfortable at the same time Aesthetic

1. Model of Chair with Side Table

terrace long wooden chairs

This minimalist modern chair will make it easier for you to place drinks or food.

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The design of the long terrace wooden chair is equipped with a side table that is enough to place a cup or a plate.

2. Rattan Chair Long

terrace long wooden chairs

The print of the chair will make the appearance of today’s terrace model more and more aesthetic and more character.

Combining rattan and wood materials, this chair makes a beautiful addition to your home decor.

3. Natural wood chair design

terrace long wooden chairs

Do you want the side terrace of the house to look more natural? Try placing this long wooden patio chair in one of the corners.

Made from a piece of a tamarind that has been split in two, this chair has a natural impression, you know, it’s really cool.

4. Traditional style of Javanese chair

terrace long wooden chairs

This teak chair will be an aesthetic complement to the terrace of a traditional Javanese house, or other traditional houses.

With the natural color of the wood, you can mix and match it with other decorative elements, many options for other ethnic manifestations.

5. Chair Long Simple

terrace long wooden chairs

If you want a nice terrace, you can use this long simple wooden chair. Very simple, yes.

The simple design is able to bring an enchanting “aura” to the decoration of a minimalist home terrace, it could be a type of table.

6. Garden Chair Model

terrace long wooden chairs

If you are looking for an idea of ​​which furniture is suitable for the porch of the house, you can choose this wooden chair model.

In addition to the terrace, you can place the wooden bench in the garden area behind the house. Hmm, looks like an old school bank huh.

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7. Modern Chair Style

terrace long wooden chairs

Choosing this iron wood patio chair design looks modern with its design. Suitable for use on the terrace of a modern minimalist house.

This furniture model also feels good when placed in a simple living room area or terrace, a simple model is cool, isn’t it?

8. Unique with natural colors of the chair

terrace long wooden chairs

This plain wooden corner chair will make the front porch of the house look unique, perfect for a country style home.

Having natural design lines, this unique wooden chair can blend in harmoniously with ornamental plants internal or other decorations.

9. Long Minimalist Chair Model

terrace long wooden chairs

This minimalist patio chair will make the front of the house feel comfortable and warm.

Imagine sitting on that terrace chair sipping coffee on a beautiful morning or evening, don’t forget to invite other family members.

10. Chairs with Scandinavian shades

terrace long wooden chairs

The Scandinavian interior style is loved by many people. NahTo present that nuance you can use this wooden patio chair.

In addition to being able to be placed on the terrace, this wooden chair in Scandinavian style is also suitable for you to place in the dining room or on the side terrace.

These are several models of long wooden terrace chairs, complementary decorations for minimalist and modern homes.

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