10 Minimalist Living Room Interior Designs, Best Ideas

10 Minimalist Living Room Interior Designs, Best Ideas

Modern minimalist living room interior designHere are tips and inspiration for minimalist living room interior designs, a suitable choice for type 36 and also type 45 houses.

It’s time to decorate the living room with a more attractive minimalist style, the right choice for you.

Usually, if you have type of house 36 or a type 45 house, then the living room and family room become one.

While the dining room and the kitchen also become one due to the limited area of ​​the house which is really small.

The choice of a simple living room interior design is certainly suitable because the living room is really small.

Even so, you can always put the sofa and coffee table in addition to adding other decorations in the living room.

Displays or decorations are certainly an interesting feature to put in the living room so that it looks more attractive.

Property site www.lacrymosemedia.com will discuss about the interior of the living room that is simple and attractive.

Minimalist living room design inspiration

elegant minimalist living room design

1. Black sofa

A simple living room model with a black sofa, it never hurts to put such a sofa in the living room.

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Internal The design of this living room is really simple, there are not many decorations, there are only a number of framed pictures.

Minimalist living room interior design 3x3 size

2. Choose Soft Colors

The minimalist design of the living room measuring 3 × 3 meters which is a family room, the color chosen is a soft color.

The colors of the walls, sofas, carpets, and others are chosen to match, a beautiful minimalist living room.

minimalist luxury living room

3. Matching in the Living Room

Small minimalist design of the living room that puts a sofa, chairs, and also bag of beansa nice match.

Modern minimalist living room that is also embellished with indoor plants and other decorations.

simple minimalist living room

4. Adding Accents to Decorations

Minimalist design of the living room measuring 2 × 3 meters that includes accents in the decoration of the room, especially on the sofa cushions.

So that the living room does not look monotonous, you can include minimalist decorations of the living room.

elegant living room design

5. Do not put Coffee table

Minimalist home living room interior design which does not include a coffee table, choose a rattan table or look like a side table.

If you feel that the living room is too small, choose not to include it coffee table it also makes sense.

elegant living room wall design

6. Place a large sofa

The minimalist design of the living room measures 3 × 4 meters so that it is enough to include a large sofa.

Of course, the interior design of a minimalist home of the living room type 45 can also have a sofa of this size.

nice living room

7. Corner Lamp Decoration

Elegant minimalist living room design that puts beautiful corner lamps, attractive black accents.

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One way to beautify the corner of the room is to put a corner lamp or put plants in pots.

Luxurious minimalist living room

8. Play with Color

Modern minimalist living room interior design showing the play of color on the sofa and coffee table.

You do not need to be afraid to bring a bright color in the living room, one of which is through the decoration of the room.

Minimalist living room 3x3

9. Always have Decorations

A beautiful small minimalist living room with a number of decorative features such as sofa cushions, paintings, potted plants, and more.

Even if the living room is minimalist, you have to put a number of decorations that make the room more attractive.

Modern minimalist living room wall decor

10. Choose an Ottoman Bank

A simple living room interior that has two ottoman chairs can be an interesting choice in the living room.

This chair without a backrest can be an interesting feature, especially if the living room is narrow.

Hmm, there are also many options for inspiration and tips for minimalist living room interior designs, which you want to choose.


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