10 minimalist kitchen inspirations for small homes

10 minimalist kitchen inspirations for small homes

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Inspirations minimalist kitchen design being everyone’s favorite lately. In addition, this kitchen model can give an impression of luxury even if it looks simple. Then, cooking activities become more fun.

However, do you know what minimalism means? Actually, the minimalist concept comes from a room that doesn’t have a lot of things.

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Rthe money contains only the necessary items and is well arranged in its place, so it is even more pleasing to the eye.

So, how is the idea of ​​a minimalist kitchen model?

The kitchen area should really be arranged in order so that it does not look cramped and remains aesthetic. This time, we have some inspiration minimalist kitchen models special for you.

1. All White Kitchen

minimalist kitchen
Kitchen set Daisy 2 Mtr

Only IDR 8 million

The minimalist concept is always synonymous with a simple white color. You can easily combine white wall paint, white cabinets, or furniture such as chairs in matching colors.

In addition to not being easily eroded by trends, an all-white design like this also makes the atmosphere for the kitchen look clean, hygienic and more spacious.

2. Use Simple Kitchen Equipment

minimalist kitchen
Krishome 1.1 Ltr Set 3 Pcs Stoples Medium Strips

Only 70 thousand IDR

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One of the distinctive features of minimalist kitchen it is found in the material of the equipment they use. Usually, kitchen equipment is made of glass, stainless steelor marble, such as jars, plates, and herbs.

So, to increase the visual appeal, you can combine with wardrobe kitchen and wooden chairs. In addition to this, you can also play with a combination of more contrasting textures so that the kitchen looks amazing.

3. Scandinavian kitchen

minimalist kitchen
Selma Stevia 60 wall kitchen cabinet – Brown oak

Only 490 thousand IDR

Who does not know the design of the kitchen Scandinavian? This kitchen is suitable for small homes because it has a dominant white color and is full of wooden furniture, such as chairs and a dining table.

The main purpose of this kitchen design is to increase productivity in everyday life. You can also add decorative chandeliers to make the kitchen warmer and more aesthetic.

4. Make the most of every inch

minimalist kitchen
Informa Gania kitchen table – White brown oak

Only IDR 2 million

You should also prioritize the storage arrangements in the kitchen. You certainly don’t want a messy and dirty kitchen, do you?

The easiest way to organize a kitchen space is to divide the two areas. The first area is for storing items that are rarely used, but have decorative elements, such as beautiful porcelain plates and flower pots in open cabinets.

Meanwhile, the items you often use can be stored in a closed cabinet so they don’t get dust, such as jars, cutlery and cups.

You can use cabinets or shelves to store various kitchen tools. Here are some tips for furniture you can use.

kitchen cabinet
Pragya multifunction kitchen cabinet – Gray

Only IDR 2 million

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kitchen cabinet
Porsha Kitchen Set – White Chocolate

Only IDR 2 million

5. Dapur Monochrome

minimalist kitchen
Dakota 2 1.8 Mtr kitchen set – Beige / black

Only IDR 7 million

Monochrome kitchen colors usually use a combination of neutral colors, such as white, gray and black. This monochrome color choice can give an elegant touch and a minimalist kitchen that looks modern.

The white color element gives a fresh, clean, and stylish. While gray can give a futuristic effect with black for a touch of luxury.

Well, if you like this color combination, you can use it kitchen set minimalism in your small kitchen.

6. All Kitchen Wood

minimalist kitchen
Ashley Marsilona kitchen cabinet

Only IDR 11 million

Wooden models never fail to capture our hearts. The reason is that the furniture of this material can provide warmth and comfort to the kitchen.

Choose wooden furniture that matches the theme of the kitchen you have. For example, use a vegetable green kitchen cabinet for a natural style kitchen concept.

7. Kitchen cabinets without handles

Ivy Kitchen Cabinet 1.8 Mtr - Gray Brown
Ivy Kitchen Cabinet 1.8 Mtr – Gray Brown

Only IDR 4 million

The main key to achieving a minimalist home is in a storage cabin that is elegant and has a simple shape.

You can use a cabinet without a handle. This cabinet model can store many items and make the kitchen area look bigger. Choose neutral colors like white, brown and gray to make it look more attractive.

8. Modern cuisine

Sheldon Kitchen Cabinet Set - Gray
Sheldon Kitchen Cabinet Set – Gray

Only IDR 3 million

The play of color can affect the atmosphere of a room. Therefore, you need to choose the right color by highlighting certain areas.

One of the currently popular kitchen color trends is gray. This color can give a modern and futuristic impression, because it does not look old.

9. Hide Items in the Closet

Sky Metal Kitchen Cabinet Set - Black (1)
Sky Metal Kitchen Cabinet Set – Black

Only IDR 4 million

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Minimalist kitchen designs usually show only a few objects, while the rest is stored in the cupboard.

This method can create a cleaner kitchen impression and add aesthetics to the kitchen area. Do not hesitate to use cabinets with dark colors, such as the tips of black kitchen cabinets above.

10. Cooking Sustainable

Informa Monaco Kitchen cabinets - Grey, white
Informa Monaco Kitchen Cabinets – Gray White

Only IDR 9 million

To increase the originality and character, you can put used old items in a modern kitchen, you know. One way is to use it recovered materials what is building materials that can be reused without processing.

Here are 10 beautiful minimalist kitchen inspirations that you can apply. So, do you know which kitchen is the most suitable for you? You can buy all the furniture tips above only by means variety

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