10 minimalist guest table dimensions for a small occupation

10 minimalist guest table dimensions for a small occupation

Minimalist guest table size

Each living room must be furnished with a sofa and a table. In any case, in choosing the size of the guest table, it should not be arbitrary. Otherwise, the room feels more cramped.

In addition to functioning as a decoration, the guest table is also often used to place snacks and serve drinks for visiting relatives.

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Therefore, we have to choose guest table template right. Thus, the room always feels more spacious and looks attractive.

So, what is the size of the minimalist guest table that we can use?

Well, this time we have some guidelines for the size of the guest table according to the model that you can use as a reference, as follows.

1. Round Table with Storage

This round table has a diameter of 40 cm. In addition to the minimalist model, this table is also multifunctional because there is a storage area to put things, such as books, sofa cushions, etc.

guest table size
Toby Desk With Storage – Black

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2. Rectangular Table with Storage Shelves

This table has a rectangular shape with closed storage shelves. The size of this guest table is about 100 × 40.3 × 55 cm. Therefore, it is suitable to be placed in the middle of a minimalist living room. You can choose brown to make it look more charming.

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guest table for the small house
Nordic Meja Tamu – Chocolate

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3. Guest table with Chair Set

To save more space, we can choose a table set with 4 small chairs, like the following. The size of this guest table is sufficient compact, which is about 70 x 70 x 45 cm. As for the posts that measure 32 × 32 cm.

guest table set
Malvin Table Set – Chocolate

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4. Modern two-tier guest table

This two-level guest table has a size of 120x40x46 cm. We can use the table to place table decorations and banquettes for guests. While the bottom, it can be used as a place to put books and magazines.

minimalist living room furniture
Details of Milo’s Guest Table – Chocolate

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5. Short Leg Guest Table

This table measuring 120x60x35 cm is suitable for a living room in lesehan style. Also, this wooden guest table can make the room warmer. For more convenience, add bag of beans instead of a couch.

living room furniture
Myria Guest Table – Chocolate

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6. Box Minimalist Table Shaped

This square-shaped guest table measures 60x60x45 cm. With a simple shape and natural color, a square guest table can create an elegant impression. You can combine it with a gray sofa and metal shelves with matching wood shades.

living room table

Ortiz Square Guest Table – Chocolate

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7. Small Cafe-style Living Table

To create a modern home, you don’t just have to use furniture with plain designs. We can use a mosaic guest table that has a size of 50x50x60 cm. Curved tableThis uk frame is similar to the table model that we usually find in cafes.

coffee table for living room
Manford X Guest table 50x50x60 Cm – Chocolate

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8. Guest desk Marble Round shape

This table has a diameter of 80 cm and a height of 40 cm. With its round shape, it will give an elegant impression to the living room. You can combine it with color gray sofa to look more luxurious.

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living room furniture
Maverick guest table – White

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9. Classic multifunctional desk

If you are looking for a multifunctional wooden guest table, you can choose this table. With a size of 127x76x51 cm, this table has been equipped with a storage area and we can also adjust the height of the table surface.

minimalist home furniture
Ashley Alymere Guest Table – Dark Chocolate

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10. Table with Accent Glass

The glass accents on the surface and legs of this table can add an elegant impression to the room. With a size of 122x47x66 cm and a robust material, you can display different types of decorations without worrying about breaking them.

guest table size
Ashley Tessani Guest Table – Silver

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Well, this is several sizes of minimalist guest tables with models that are suitable for a narrow living room.

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