10 minimalist furniture that must be in a new home

10 minimalist furniture that must be in a new home

Informa Aryana 2-seater sofa in fabric - Gray

Do you have plans or are you preparing to move into a new home? If so, of course, there are many things that must be planned in advance, one of which is the election furniture minimalist to decorate every corner of the room.

Actually, you don’t need to buy all the furniture at once when you move house, you know! You just need to prepare some of the main furniture to complete the house.

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So, Something Furniture What minimalism should be in a new home?

So that you are not confused, we have prepared several furniture minimalism that is mandatory in a new home. Go ahead, see the following.

1. Cabinet

minimalist furniture
Inform Ithaca Cabinet – Oak Chocolate

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When you have a new home, the first piece of furniture you should have is a wardrobe or a closet to store various household items. You see, the closet makes the house look clean and not messy.

You can choose a wooden cabinet material with a natural brown color to achieve a minimalist, simple, but still aesthetic impression.

2. Bed

Informa Lio Bed 160x200 Cm - Gray
Informa Lio Bed 160×200 Cm – Grey

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When you get home, of course you want to rest and sleep in a nice and comfortable bed, right?

So, you can choose a bed with the level of softness according to your taste, then combine it with a crib to make the room more beautiful, like the inspiration above.

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3. Sofa

Informa Logan Sofa L Sectional Fabric - Krem
Informa Logan Sofa L Sectional Fabric – Krem

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Sofa becomes furniture minimalist that can evoke the look of a living room or a family to be charming and feel warm.

However, you need to choose a sofa that fits the size and theme of your home so that it can make an impression. home For example, combine white wall paint with a gray sofa.

4. Dining Table Set

Milgen dining table set 4 chairs - light brown
Milgen dining table set 4 chairs – light brown

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The dining room is a place for dinner, meeting, and also for exchanging stories with the family. Therefore, you need to prepare a comfortable table and chairs.

The following table and chair sets are made of wood and feature soft foam on the seats, you know! So, you can sit comfortably for a long time.

5. Guest desk

minimalist furniture
Marsha Guest Table – white

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The table is an important piece of furniture that can be used to place banquets for guests or relatives who come, such as food and drinks.

However, you should choose a table that fits the living room area so as not to make the room narrow. If you have small children, you should choose a circular table so that there are no sharp corners.

6. Rak

Information Bookstore Darlyn - Bianca
Information Darlyn Bookshelf – white

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If you have a collection of books, action figureornamental plants, and other types of decorations, take advantage of the shelves as storage.

In fact, you can even use shelves as a divider or room divider to make the house feel more spacious, you know! You can use white shelves to make the room look spacious and elegant.

7. TV table

Velona TV Rack - White Walnut
Velona TV Rack – White Walnut

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To make the moments of watching with your family more pleasant, you also need to provide a TV table. Avoid choosing a table that is larger than the size of the TV because the results will be disproportionate.

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The tip is to choose a multifunctional TV table that has many screens to store things. Therefore, the room looks more charming.

8. Cabinet Dapur

Sky Metal Kitchen Cabinet Set - Black
Sky Metal Kitchen Cabinet Set – Black

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Do you want to tidy up the kitchen? Relax, you can use a wardrobe or kitchen set. Choose a kitchen cabinet model that has several partitions and arrange the type of kitchen utensils according to their type.

If you want to create a minimalist impression, use a white cabinet. While for a luxury kitchen design, choose a black cabinet color.

9. Work chair

minimalist furniture
Liverpool Office Chair – Black

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you need office chair to support work from home? If so, you have to choose a work chair model that can support the shape of your back and has comfortable materials, so that you do not tire easily during the activity.

Therefore, this recommendation for an ergonomic work chair that is safe for use all day long, you know!

10. Nightstand

minimalist furniture
Informa Maxy Iii Nightstand – white

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A nightstand is a small table placed at the side of the bed. Although it is small, this nightstand is multifunctional, you know, you can use it as a dressing table. Just add a small mirror, a mini dressing table is ready for you to use.

you go there furniture minimalist that you need to prepare before moving into a new home.

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