10 minimalist fence gate designs. Residential More Aesthetic!

10 minimalist fence gate designs. Residential More Aesthetic!

Minimalist Fence Gate Design Inspiration

1. Modern Minimalist Push Fence Door Model

modern minimalist sliding door

Source: mamikos

This white minimalist fence model is suitable for a minimalist home.

You can build a fence right in the section carport to make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle.

Do not forget to adjust the color of the fence with the residential concept you have.

2. Minimalist Push Iron Fence Door Model Cutting Laser


Model fence laser cutting they are also increasingly favored by many owners.

This is because of the unique pattern on the fence that can be shaped like a leaf, a fish, or something else.

Interestingly, you can also make alias design requests customs for this type of fence.

3. Minimalist fence with wooden ornaments

minimalist model of push iron gate

Source: Tokopedia

The minimalist door model that is often encountered is with wooden ornaments.

There are a number of pieces of boards that are deliberately made parallel and used as additional parts for the fence.

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Brown shades produced by wood can give the impression of a warmer home, here we go.

4. Minimalist Push Iron Fence Door Model

sliding door image

Source: arbainlas.com

A type 36 house that has a large area in front would usually have this type of fence.

Usually this type of fence is used in densely populated country houses.

This is to make it easier for them to interact with each other without being covered by a high fence.

5. Pictures of luxury Push Iron Fence Doors

image of luxury sliding iron door

Source: Popbela.com

Another minimalist sliding door model infiltrates the wicker concept to the side.

So that the iron on the fence looks stacked on top of the other and gives a unique and beautiful impression.

This type of fence is generally used as a border privacy by the owner of the house.

6. Photo of a Minimalist Fence Gate with a Push Woven Plate

Minimalist Fence Gate with Push Woven Plate

Source: Indotrading.com

The minimalist sliding door with woven motifs can also be with the picture above.

Interestingly, the woven results form a checkerboard pattern on the fence.

As a result, you can vaguely see the outside and the inside privacy that I’m awake.

7. Black Modern Minimalist Fence Gate

modern minimalist black sliding door model

Source: globaltukang.com

Black seems like a neutral and attractive color choice for a house fence.

This pattern of vertical and horizontal stripes is quite interesting for you to make your house divide with the streets.

If you feel that it is too open, you can add plastic fiber as a cover.

8. Minimalist Folding Iron Fence Gate Model


You can fold this minimalist push door into four parts, here we go.

This type of fence is increasingly used for modern homes with small plots.

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Interestingly, you can make a pattern of fence motifs according to your taste, for example white lines or like the picture above.

9. Classic Minimalist Fence Gate

minimalist fence push model

This classic minimalist style sliding door has an iron fence design that slopes down in the middle.

Then there is the arrow stuck at the top of the golden fence.

To the right and left of the fence are exposed brick walls that support the classic minimalist style.

10. Closed Minimalist Fence Gate


The latest sliding door model with a closed design.

You can find this design in many Indonesian homes that want to have family privacy.

Usually there is an iron fence with other accessories, such as wood with a towering design and covers the inside of the house.

However, there is usually a bell near the door to call people home to get out more quickly.


It is the inspiration for a minimalist sliding gate. What do you think?

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