10 Minimalist and Simple Bedroom Window Designs

10 Minimalist and Simple Bedroom Window Designs

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Do you want to install Windows in the room? Check out the different window designs inspiration in this article, go!

Windows are part of the building elements that have an important function, namely as a place for light and air to enter.

In buildings, windows are often found in the dining room, the main room, the balcony and the bedrooms.

Yes, it is the same as the windows in other rooms, the presence of this building element in the room is also very necessary.

Without windows, the room will feel stuffy.

Currently, there are many window models that can be used in rooms. One of them is a minimalist style.

Check out the various good window inspirations below, go!

Simple minimalist room window model

1. Classic window

classic bedroom window model

Source: Thespruce.com

The model of the window of the first bedroom carries a classic style.

This can be seen from the wooden elements used.

As the name suggests, the classic window will remind us of the windows that were widely used in the houses of the past.

However, today the classic model windows can still be found in many areas, such as the city of Yogyakarta and Bandung.

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2. Minimalist window

minimalist side room window design

Source: mydomaine.com

Although it consists of many shutters, this window looks very simple.

The reason is that there are not many accents found on the windows.

Not only that, the frame also uses a neutral color, namely white.

This one-bedroom window model is perfect for use in a minimalist home.

3. Window Deep Sleeper

deep sleeping window

Source: Ruffell-brown.com

For people who need a long sleep or sleep deeplyA bedroom window model with a narrow cover is the right choice.

By using this type of window, the quality of sleep increases.

4. Window Hopper

hopper window

Source: Nbp.com

Window hopper is a window model that opens in reverse.

Instead of opening the window, the Property People need to open the window for this room.

This type of window is very suitable for use in small rooms.

5. Window Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds wooden room window model

Source: Englishblinds.co.uk

venetian is a window model that uses aluminum-based horizontal blinds to prevent sunlight from entering the room.

This window model can be chosen for Property People who do not want to use curtains.

To close the window, just pull the control cord that is on the side.

6. Window Double Hung

double hung window

Source: Stegbar.com.au

This room window model is called double hung because it consists of two parts of the window, each can be opened.

This type of window, also known as window, is suitable for use in large rooms.

7. Sliding window

minimalist bedroom window model

Source: Sulekha.com

Room window patterns sliding or sliding is currently the choice of many people.

The reason is, this type of window has many advantages, starting from being easy to install, maintenance is not difficult, and is considered more practical.

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This window model is very suitable for use in minimalist rooms because it does not take up much space.

8. Window Skylight

Skylight window

Source: Forbes.com

If most of the windows are installed on the side of the room, it is different with the windows skylight. Because, this bedroom window model is installed above the ceiling of the bedroom.

The installation is designed so that the room can get maximum lighting.

For the form itself, the window skylight usually installed by adjusting the shape of the roof of the house.

9. Classic Mini Window

classic mini window

Source: Cottagesandbungalowsmag.com

If Property People don’t really like big windows, you can choose a mini window model like the picture above.

Its small shape allows more privacy in the room, but the room can still get good lighting and air.

10. Tipping Window

room store window template

Source: Gettyimages.com

Casement window or store is a window model that opens by pulling it up.

This type of window is able to absorb raindrops very well, so you don’t have to worry about rainwater entering the room.


These are various inspirations for simple and minimalist bedroom window designs.

We hope this article is useful, Property People!

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