10 memorable birthday gift ideas

10 memorable birthday gift ideas

Ataru Denim Baseball Cap - Dark Blue

Birthday is a special day for everyone. In addition to happiness, we also have gifts. Also, gifts can be an expression of love, appreciation and support.

However, sometimes we feel confused to choose the right birthday gift. In fact, we do not have to give the right gift, but give a gift that has an important function and can be used for every day.

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So, what items are suitable as birthday gifts?

Don’t worry, this time we have recommendations for items that can be used as gifts for only 200,000 IDR.

1. Diffuser Aromatherapy

birthday gift ideas
Ataru Rabbit Aromatherapy Diffuser – Green

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Diffuser it can be the best birthday gift idea because it can clean the air and create a fragrant feeling in the room. Choose diffuser with an attractive model and equipped with a lamp with a power of 7 watts.

Thus, they can be placed on a table or shelf as a display and also a room refresher.

2. Wireless headphones

birthday gift ideas
Ataru Wireless Earphone Tws Sa35 – Hitam

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If you want to give a birthday gift that is simple but memorable, you can choose wireless headphones or without cables.

You see, this tool can be used for different needs, such as listening to songs while walking or for the benefit of a meeting online in the office. Calm, cheap headphones without the above cable, only IDR 100,000.

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3. Keyboard and Mouse

birthday gift ideas
Ataru K921 wireless keyboard & M31 mouse – Biru

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Do you want to give a gift that is not monotonous for friends? Don’t worry, you can provide keyboard and wireless mouse to support their activities while they work.

One of our recommendations is ATARA Wireless keyboard which has a slim design and you can buy it for IDR 100,000.

4. Canvas Sling Bag

birthday gift ideas
Ataru Canvas Shoulder Bag – Light Grey

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A bag is a multifunctional tool that is suitable for you to take when traveling to the office or on vacation. We have a scholarship recommendation from ATARU that has two models. Thus, it can be carried or used as a sling bag.

Take it easy, this bag material is made of fabric that is easy to clean. You can buy this sling bag for IDR 90,000.

5. Acrylic Photo Frame

birthday gift ideas
Ataru acrylic photo frame 19×14 cm

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If you want to give a memorable DIY birthday gift, you can buy an acrylic photo frame with an aesthetic pattern. Then, paste some photos of you and your friends so they can be displayed on the bedside table.

6. Sleep Lights

birthday gift ideas
Ataru Whale Night Light – Blue

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A night light can be an easy birthday gift idea that is memorable and memorable because it is sure to be used every day. Choose a lamp with a unique model so that it can be displayed.

Our recommendation is ATARU a dolphin-shaped night light or whale made of polyester resin.

7. Mice

birthday gift ideas
Ataru Topi Baseball Ny – Abu-Abu

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Although it is simple, a cap can serve to protect the head from the sun and rain. Choose a hat made of cotton material with a typographic motif of screen printing on the words NY, as we recommend above.

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This gray hat is easy to match with a variety of clothing styles. You can buy it hat from ATARU it is only 79 thousand IDR.

8. Travel bag

Ataru Pouch Travel Nylon Boxy - Krem
Ataru Pouch Travel Nylon Boxy – Krem

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If your friends like it to travelthen give a birthday gift related to this hobby, like travel bag.

Our recommendations are ATARU Pouch Travel Nylon Boxy, like the picture above. keep calm sack It is made of water resistant nylon material.

9. Jacket

Ataru folding jacket Size L - Black
Ataru folding jacket Size L – Black

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You can give jackets as gifts because they can be used for different activities, such as sports and travel.

One of our recommendations is the ATARU jacket foldable black on top. This jacket is made of nylon with inner material poly mesh or soft cloth. You can buy it for only 100,000 IDR.

10. Drink Bottle 2 Liter

Ataru 2 Ltr Tall Tritan Bottle - White
Ataru 2 Ltr Tall Tritan Bottle – White

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Giving a bottle that is 2 liters in size above can be an interesting gift idea.

This bottle is made of high quality tritan plastic food quality and no BPA or harmful chemicals. In addition, the bottle is equipped with a special handle.

These are ten birthday gift ideas that you can give to girlfriends and boyfriends. You can also get other gift ideas on the site variety

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