10 living room decoration ideas from mirrors, calligraphy to lamps

10 living room decoration ideas from mirrors, calligraphy to lamps

living room decoration

Many living room decoration ideas that can be installed, inspiration and advice ranging from mirrors, calligraphy, to beautiful sitting lamps.

Many decorations or displays that can be placed minimalist living roomthe choices are varied.

The presence of decor certainly beautifies the living room, this room certainly does not look empty.

Even if the living room in a house of type 36 is small, you still have the beauty.

If you want to keep it minimalist, you can just install a few decorations, two or three are enough.

However, there is nothing wrong if you want to install all these displays or decorations in the living room.

If you can combine well, of course, a minimalist living room looks more attractive.

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Inspiration for living room decorating ideas

living room decoration

1. Plants in Small Pots

An option for the decoration of a narrow living room is a plant in a pot, a contemporary choice.

You can put it as a living room wall decoration, install minimalist shelves and plant pots.

living room decoration

2. Calligraphy writing

The choice of minimalist living room decoration is calligraphy writing, of course it is suitable if you want an Islamic home.

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This wooden wall decoration can be done yourself or you can find a place that sells living room wall hangings.

living room decoration

3. Mirror

The mirror is not only a minimalist decoration of the living room wall, but it can also function to reflect the light in the living room.

We can install a mirror and adjust it to the design of the living room, the mirror can be mounted on the wall, placed on the table, and more.

living room decoration

4. Minimalist shelf

Photo of a small living room decoration with a minimalist shelf, an interesting choice of room decoration.

You can install shelves and display a number of interesting decorations and mix and match with a minimalist living room design .

living room decoration

5. Sofa Pillow

The choice for simple living room decorations or luxury living room decorations is of course sofa cushions.

This display must be presented because it is not only to beautify the room, but it can also be used to relax.

living room decoration

6. Flower pot

Many choices of flower decorations are suitable for the room, but do not forget the flower vase to put flower displays.

Or if you are really creative, find out how to make living room decoration flowers to put in a flower pot.

living room decoration

7. Sitting lamp

An option for decorating a narrow room is a sitting lamp, you can put it on a table or sideboard.

If the living room is big enough, you can also place it standing lamp the biggest.

living room decoration

8. Painting

Living room wall decoration 2020, which of course is still a trend in 2022, you can choose a painting style according to your taste.

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Do not forget to adjust the size of the painting to the living room area to make it look balanced and in harmony.

living room decoration

9. Sculpture

Another room decoration option is a statue, perfect if you can make it yourself in a homemade wall decoration.

In fact, you can also put traditional crafts, it can be in any form and not a statue.

living room decoration

10. Ethnic fabrics

Living room wall decoration simple is to install traditional cloth or ethnic cloth on the wall, it is really easy.

Try to clear your collection, then you can find room decorations that can be used.

Wow, there are so many room decoration options, you can choose the easiest according to your wishes.


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