10 Latest Children’s Bedroom Designs for 2023

10 Latest Children’s Bedroom Designs for 2023

child's room

Many parents forget that the child’s room is one of the most important rooms in the house. There are many reasons that make it important, including the existence of a rest room so that the child can be more independent because he is used to sleeping alone and another factor, namely the comfort factor where the child will be more comfortable to rest in his own. room Unfortunately, most parents in Indonesia are not aware of these things. So the number of children who sleep with their parents is still very large. In fact, apart from health and psychological reasons, your child will also be happy if he has his own room. Especially if the break room has a cute design – cute and adorable like some of the latest kids bedroom designs 2023 below:

Girls room design

A daughter’s room

design of children's rooms

Unique break room design via dailymail.co.uk

This daughter’s room looks very sweet and girly with a touch of artificial flowers along the bed rail. If most girls’ rooms are dominated by pink, then this room is different. The dominant use of color that appears is white and brick accents on the wall.

Girls room design B

girls room

Image via donpedrobrooklyn.com

Tired of seeing pink as the main paint color in your child’s break room? The choice of turquoise color can be an option. This color can be chosen because it involves a brighter beam, but it is still beautiful to the eye. Pair it with beautiful feminine style tapestries and white furniture to make it even more charming.

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Girls room C

Children's room 2019

Image via Popsugar.com

The theme that is currently successful, namely Unicorn, can also be adopted to be used as the main theme of the children’s room. With simple decorations and furniture, it is suitable for those of you who are lazy to decorate optimally, but still want something beautiful for your child.

Women’s room D

Girls room 2019

Camera image from Stevelarese.com

The use of more colors can give a colorful impression to the woman’s room. In addition to using more colors, the combination of motifs is also maximized with fruit motifs, triangle motifs, cloud motifs and polka dots.

E’s daughter’s bedroom

Girls bedroom design

Room image via stevelarese.com

This room manages to bring the color pink to the next level, because you can find the mix and shades of pink from pale to bold here. To avoid the impression of being too boring, you can add a few white and gray items and knick-knacks. Do not forget to also install matching colored wallpaper and soft patterns to be installed in the room.

Children’s room design

Children’s room A

child's room

Image from cuckooland.com

Create a fun atmosphere in a child’s room using a jungle theme! Just put some plants on the roof and make a custom bed that looks like a tent so that it is maximized and feels more like being in a wild environment. Also note a number of animal figurines on the walls and floor. Don’t forget to apply green wall paint, ok?

Children’s room B

Children's room 2019

Image from hackthehut.com

Extravagant! It is the right word to describe the atmosphere and condition of this room. What a brilliant idea out of the box What was implemented in the room was the idea of ​​putting sport climbing in the room using the wall as a medium. The rock points are arranged and arranged so that the child can release his potential and channel the energy into positive things. Dare to apply this unique bedroom design to your child’s room?

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Children’s room C

Children's room 2019

Image from homebnc.com

Your little lego lover? If yes, then the following topic is very suitable to be adopted. The cheerful colors plus the presence of a table used to assemble Legos are guaranteed to make your child scream with joy when he sees his room for the first time. The combination of bright colors of lego plus the selection of matching paint colors make it perfect for children.

Children’s break room D

Children's room 2019

Image courtesy of momodesign.com

Do you want to have a great forest theme, but are afraid to hang the plants on the ceiling? This idea can be copied, that is, the attachment of synthetic plants or leaves to the walls. Also use all the green as paint and leaves. In order not to lose the impression jungleput some wild animal figures like crocodiles and lions.

Boys’ break room E

Children's bedroom designs 2019

Image via momodesign.com

Like the previous themes, this monochrome theme is also suitable for your child’s break room. Impression cool The design of this child’s room will always be felt with the placement of animal figures and wallpaper.