10 kitchen designs at home, give a beautiful and comfortable feeling!

10 kitchen designs at home, give a beautiful and comfortable feeling!

minimalist kitchen at home

The kitchen near the house can see more aesthetic if you apply the right design. Check out the different inspirations in this article!

The presence of a house without a kitchen is certainly not complete. The reason is that the kitchen is a space for all activities, such as processing or storing food.

Currently, there are many good kitchen designs for residential. But usually, the kitchen is located in the back area of ​​the house.

However, if you are tired with the same feeling of cooking, you can, cookplacing the kitchen next to the house.

The location of the kitchen in the area, of course, does not interfere with other rooms.

Not only that, the kitchen that is next to the house usually also has good air circulation.

Are you interested in making a kitchen next to the house? Check out the inspiration below, go!

10 Home Kitchen Designs

1. Minimalist kitchen

minimalist kitchen near the house

Source: Instagram/@ariani_tanahdjawa

Having a kitchen close to the house does not always require a relief area.

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With a minimalist earth you can make it happen.

If the land is not too big, you should try to put the kitchen near the garden. So that the kitchen is not stuffy and can have good air circulation.

2. Style House Side Kitchen Scandinavian

Scandinavian style kitchen

Source: Instagram/@dapur_impian

Gaya scandinavian it is suitable to be applied to a minimalist residence. No exception in the kitchen.

The main distinguishing feature of the style scandinavian it is a comforting and soothing impression. Usually, neutral colors like white or cream selected to display the impression.

3. Kitchen Next to the Fish Pond

kitchen next to the fish pond

Source: Instagram/@rumahelsajo

An extensive plot of land can certainly provide benefits for the residents of the house.

In addition to being able to use it for other areas such as fish ponds, you can also use the rest space empty as a meeting place.

The meeting area is more complete with the presence of a kitchen next to it,that’s it!

4. Open Kitchen in Green

green color for the room

Source: Brilio.net

The green color is really very suitable to be applied to the kitchen area.

In addition to being able to give a refreshing impression and make the atmosphere cooler, this color can also give an aesthetic impression to the room.

To this is added the position of the kitchen which is located next to the garden. Guaranteed to be more beautiful!

5. Small Kitchen Side of the House

small outdoor kitchen

Source: Instagram/@dekorairumahidamanid

Although it is small, this kitchen looks very attractive.

Not only because of its location in an open area, but also because of the location of the kitchen and the area laundry room simultaneously.

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It can really unite the kitchen and laundry room on a small plot? Most likely, the key is in the placement of space and goods.

Instead, choose the furniture that is really needed and put it in a parallel position.

6. Marble material for a luxurious look

luxury design with marble material

Source: Instagram/@homey.bumi

If you want to give a luxurious impression to the room, you can use marble material.

The marble can be applied to the floor or kitchen counter. Marble is known for its robust and strong material.

In addition to this, you can also add a chandelier aesthetic for a more elegant look.

7. Kitchen Simple Design elongated

elongated design kitchen

Source: Instagram/@anis_zara15

The main challenge when having an elongated design kitchen is how to make the area not cramped.

It turns out that the method is very easy, just apply a good layout.

As the following picture shows, the kitchen area is placed in the corner of the room. Also, avoid putting a lot of things on the cabinet.

If there are few space empty, you can place ornamental plants in the area. The kitchen looks more charming, doesn’t it?

8. Industrial Style Home Side Kitchen Design

industrial style kitchen

Sum: Instagram/@damaricha

You want to make the kitchen near the house look more artistic? Try applying the industrial style to the room, go!

A distinctive feature of the industrial style is the effect infinite on the room. Usually, walls or floors are left exposed.

If you want to apply this style to the kitchen, do not forget to use wood material to make it more complete.

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9. Concept Kitchen Open Space

kitchen with open space concept

Source: Instagram/@rumahleon

Draft open space currently widely applied to residential. The reason is that the room has good air ventilation and lighting.

This concept is very suitable if it is applied to the kitchen area. Because, when the cooking process is complete, the stuffy air in the room can be removed immediately.

10. Design of the kitchen and dining room at home

Contemporary Dining Room Design

Source: Instagram/@ikhsanhamiru

The kitchen is usually synonymous with a messy and dirty impression. However, this can be avoided by applying the right design.

Lately, many people are using modern and contemporary designs in the kitchen and dining area.

In addition to being able to make the kitchen clean, this design can also make the room appear larger.

Of course, this provides advantages for minimalist home owners.

To make the kitchen more attractive, you can also, cookapply printed ceramics on the floor and some decorative lights on the top.

Don’t forget to complete it with ornamental plants too, okay?


Well, this is a variety of kitchen design inspiration close to home. So, what design are you interested in?

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