10 interesting cream living room paint color inspirations

10 interesting cream living room paint color inspirations

Cream living room paint color

Here are some inspirations for living room paint colors cream which can be applied to make the house more charming!

As a place to receive relatives and close friends in the house, determining the color of the living room paint is an important thing to do.

The reason is, choosing the right color can make other people amazed by the design of the room.

If Property People want a living room painting that is elegant and able to make the room seem wider, color cream or beige can be considered.

color cream It itself has many advantages.

In addition to being able to make a room seem wider, this color also has many variations, so you don’t need to get confused when you want to apply it.

Check out the different inspirations down there, go!

Good cream living room paint color inspiration

1. Ivory

ivory cream living room paint color

Source: Wow1day.com

Ivory is a living room paint color to make it look luxurious that can be used.

When compared with the type of color cream the other, color intensity ivory tend to lead to white, so it looks brighter.

Using this color in the interior, a luxurious, elegant and warm impression can be felt.

2. Beige

living room paint colors to make it look luxurious

Source: Thespruce.com

Beige is a color cream which has a slight touch of gray.

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This color selection can give a calming elegant impression to the room.

As a result, you and your family and friends will feel at home spending time in the living room.

To make it look more attractive, Property People can put a decorative lamp in the corner of the room.

3. Sand

sand color

Source: Habitusoutlet.com

Salon that applies the design of Japandi Style? If so, the sand color may be the right choice!

Believe it or not, the paint color of the living room is still included in the color category cream This can give a fresh impression to the room.

Sand also includes muted colors tone of the earth neutral, so it will be easily combined with other colors.

4. Vintage Cream

fresh living room paint colors

Source: Freepik.com

Living room with a touch of paint color vintage cream This can give a classic impression to the room.

This type of color is included in bright colors, so it is suitable for those of you who have a minimalist or Scandinavian residence.

If you want to use this color, it is highly recommended to use furniture colors that match to make it look more beautiful.

5. Nut

Walnut cream living room paint color

Source: Alibaba.com

If you have a small room, you don’t have to worry, because Propietà People can make the living room appear wider by using walnut color on the walls of the house.

Although it looks like ivory, walnut has a deeper brown intensity.

If you want to apply this color to a room, you should combine it with brown home appliances and home decorations to create a modern impression.

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6. Hazelnut

Living room paint color hazelnut cream

Source: Tnm.com.np

The next good living room paint is the hazel color.

Hazelnut is a color that has a combination of dark yellow and cream which can give a soft impression on the room.

This type of color is also classified as neutral, you can combine it with furniture shades bold as dark gray to black.

7. Chestnut

Chestnut is a beautiful living room paint color

Source: Behr.com

When it comes to a good painting of the minimalist living room, it is not complete if it does not include the chestnut color in the list.

This type of color is very suitable to be applied to minimalist homes, both in detached houses and in apartment units.

Chestnut is a living room paint color cream with a little touch of color fishing.

The application of this color to a room can give a fashionable and exotic impression.

8. Cream Tan

tan cream color living room paint

Source: Freepik.com

The next living room paint color is cream tanning

This type of color is very suitable to be applied to a concept house open space which do not have many partitions in the room.

The type of color tends to be dynamic and bold and can give a bright impression to the room.

So that it does not look monotonous, you can put ornamental plants in the corners to beautify the room.

9. Muted cream

Silenced Cream

Source: Roomdsign.com

Muted cream is one of those cool paint colors with a touch of pastel color.

This type of color is suitable for homes with a Scandinavian concept, which has the characteristics of well-arranged rooms and emphasizes simplicity in the space.

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The application of this color to the room will be more perfect by placing neutral colored furniture such as white or gray.

10. Moles

living room paint colors to make it look spacious

Source: Freepik.com

Although it looks like gray, taupe is a paint color that fits into the category cream.

This type of color can make a room look more comfortable.

In addition, it fits furniture minimalist home in the room, the charming and attractive impression is more and more radiated!

This type of color tends to be flexible and suitable for use in homes that carry a minimalist style. Japanese styleScandinavian, or even industrial style houses.


These are a number of good cream living room paint color inspirations.

Hope this is helpful, Property People!

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