10 Inspiring Minimalist Modern Minimalist House Terrace Designs

10 Inspiring Minimalist Modern Minimalist House Terrace Designs

minimalist ceiling model

The modern minimalist house terrace model can make the exterior design of the residence look amazing. As you can see, we find out what it looks like.

The beauty of the facade of the building, aka the facade of a minimalist residence, will be more or less influenced by the terrace.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the idea of ​​​​a cast-out front porch is sought after as a reference.

In fact, there are many ways that you can achieve a fresh and elegant front of your home.

For example, making a profile model of a house terrace pole that looks unique.

Then, equip it with ornamental plants out of as an aesthetic sweetener.

Well, here are some ideas that you can use as inspiration when building a house.

Various modern ideas of minimalist house terrace models

1. Minimalist Elongated Terrace Roof Model

minimalist home terrace pictures

With an elongated shape like this, you can put a number of hanging ornamental plants, for example the lee kuan yew plant.

That’s because, this terrace still doesn’t have enough space on it. So, the house is more beautiful and interesting!

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2. Luxurious Minimalist Dak Design

modern house terrace

Whether the idea has been or not, this modern minimalist home terrace will make your home simple and elegant.

Therefore, it is very suitable to be applied to a luxurious modern minimalist 2-story house.

The front of the house model can be your inspiration when building your modern house.

3. Simple minimalist house model

modern modern minimalist home terrace

Although it looks simple, it turns out that with an elegant minimalist terrace design like this, the residence will be amazing.

This modern minimalist house terrace model is suitable for simple types of houses, such as types 36 houses.

4. The house model of today

minimalist home terrace model

The asymmetrical shape of the terrace makes the facade of this modern minimalist 2-story house feel charming and contemporary.

You also have enough space to put ornamental plants out ofof course that beautifies the face of the building.

5. Not the front porch of a minimalist house

the reason for the front of the house

To strengthen the cast part, you can add support pillars of different sizes.

To make it look more beautiful, use exterior wall paint with a minimalistic gray color that is currently in trend.

The pillars of a minimalist home will also be aesthetic when covered with natural rock ceramic material.

6. Minimalist 2-story house 2021

the latest minimalist terrace model

You can bring luxury to the facade of a 6-meter-wide 2-story house with this minimalist terrace design.

The historical non-straight model also emphasizes the design lines of a minimalist modern house.

7. Modern House Tropical Terrace

Modern minimalist terrace

This design model will make the facade look attractive because the pillars are covered with natural rock.

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This modern tropical residence also looks elegant with a sturdy pyramidal roof that protects the room inside.

8. Minimalist Home Terrace Model

minimalist home terrace model

This front porch model looks unique because of its futuristic and simple design.

With a box shape, this section will be suitable for use in a modern minimalist 1 story house today.

9. Design of a terrace with ventilation holes


One of the reasons that the house feels comfortable is the presence of adequate ventilation, because the circulation of fresh air enters the room.

NahThe model of a modern minimalist house terrace that has ventilation holes, circulates fresh air in the dwelling.

10. Minimalist Home Terrace Model 2021

no front porch minimalist home

The way to bring luxury to a modern minimalist home is to create an attractive terrace design.

This terrace terrace model can be your inspiration. Also, if you add ornamental plants, the facade of your house will be cooler.

These are a variety of ideas and inspirations for modern minimalist house terrace models, which you can take as examples.

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!


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