10 Inspirations for the Minimalist Garden Design of 1 x 1 meter, Aesthetic even strict!

10 Inspirations for the Minimalist Garden Design of 1 x 1 meter, Aesthetic even strict!

1x1 minimalist garden

Take a look at the various 1×1 minimalist garden design inspirations that can be applied to narrow areas below.

The presence of a garden can make the house beautiful. Not only that, the garden can make the house cooler.

As a result, many people face to create a garden in the garden area of ​​the house.

However, many people think that a garden can only be made at home with a large area of ​​land. Not for small land, such as the size 1 × 1 meter.

hey, Who says it? Even if the house is minimalist, you can still, cookpresenting a garden in the area of ​​the house.

Well, if you are confused with a minimalist garden design on a 1 × 1 M land, check out the various inspirations below, go!

1 × 1 meter Minimalist Garden Design Inspiration

1. Simple minimalist garden

simple minimalist garden 1x1

Source: Instagram/@markaskembang

For you lovers of various ornamental plants, you can really, noplacing your plant collection in the garden.

For the background, you can use natural soil or grass.

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The presence of various types of plants makes the area look cooler, right?

2. Garden with Natural Rocks

garden with natural rocks

Source: Instagram/@tamanminimalisku

In addition to using grass, you can also use natural rocks to cool the atmosphere.

There are many types of garden stones to choose from, ranging from pebbles, river stones, granite, to coral.

To make it look neater, you can arrange the ornamental plants in this way. Or placing the pot on natural rocks or placing the plant in a special place that has been provided.

3. Minimalist 1 × 1 Garden Design on the Terrace of the House

tropical concept minimalist garden

Source: Instagram/@tamanminimalisku

Placing a garden in the terrace area of ​​the house is really the choice of many people. This is because this area usually has a wider area.

You can choose to create a garden inside or outside the terrace.

If you choose the interior of the terrace of the house, you can deceive for example like this picture.

Synthetic grass is applied to the bottom to make the atmosphere even cooler.

For ornamental plants, you can put them in pots and put them in pots or put them on flower racks. Easy isn’t it?

4. Minimalist Japanese Concept Garden

1x1 minimalist Japanese garden concept

Source: Instagram/@afikalandscape

If you are tired with the same garden concept, you can, that’s itAdopting the Japanese concept of the garden area.

Draft Japanese garden cannot be separated from the elements of rocks and garden lights with a typical Japanese design.

Don’t forget to also place bonsai plants in the garden area so you can feel the Japanese impression even more!

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5. The Classic Garden Aesthetic

aesthetic classic garden

Source: Instagram/@tamanminimalisku

This 1×1 minimalist garden design looks very attractive. This is inseparable from the combination of natural wood and rock elements used.

Coupled with the presence of various plants and small fish ponds in the area. the most interesting, eh!

If you want to use it as a place to relax, don’t forget to add a bench in the garden, yes.

6. Garden Design 1 × 1 Concept Urban Jungle at home

urban jungle design minimalist garden design

Source: Instagram/@tamanminimalisku

Basically, you are free to design the garden however you want. Do you want to be placed outside the house? Can. Or do you want a garden in your home? It can too.

Yes, having an indoor garden is not impossible, as is the case in this picture, where tsafely placed in the living room.

Do you want to have a garden with a more refreshing green feeling at home? It sounds like a concept urban jungle very suitable, no!

7. Attractive 1 × 1 Minimalist Garden Design

Attractive minimalist garden design 1x1

Source: Instagram/@tamanminimalisku

Currently, wood is a popular material used for home components. Not only is the price the cheapest, but wood is also usually durable and long-lasting.

You can also apply this material in the garden, that’s it. Good for flower pots, tables, chairs, or shelves to store flowers. Sounds eco-friendly, huh?

In addition, so that the garden does not look monotonous, you can add a continental picture floral on the wall.

8. Small Garden with Path

small garden path

Source: Instagram/tamanminimalist

Walking through the park can damage the grass. To avoid this, the application of the road to be the right choice.

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You can make a path with cast and finished ceramics. On the side, it is better to place coral rocks that work as water absorption.

9. Minimalist 1 × 1 Garden Design near the kitchen

Minimalist garden design 1x1 near the kitchen

Source: Instagram/@fifit.fitrisari

Kitchens are generally the impression of being tight. Because, all the cooking activities are done here.

However, this can be minimized by the presence of a garden.

No need for a large area of ​​land, this 1×1 minimalist garden design can still look charming, cookwith a narrow area.

You can also do various activities here, eh!

10. Minimalist Garden with Fish Pond

1x1 minimalist garden design with fish pond

Source: Instagram/@tamanminimalisku

The minimalist land measuring 1×1 can also be used for a garden with a small fish pond. Around the pool, you can add rocks.

For the natural impression to be more radiant, exposed brick can be applied to the walls.

This minimalist garden with a fish pond looks more complete with a mini waterfall.

Well, it is a variety of minimalist garden design inspiration 1×1 that you can cheat.

Hope this info helps, eh!

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