10 Inspirations for a Quadrilateral Porch Pole Model, make your home look magnificent!

10 Inspirations for a Quadrilateral Porch Pole Model, make your home look magnificent!

The rectangular terrace pole model can be used basically in all house models. NahHere are some of the best design inspirations.

The front view of the house is one of the most important things in a home, so it should not be underestimated.

Not only can it make an attractive home, but also make anyone who sees it happy.

A beautiful exterior design certainly improves the aesthetics of the residence, and also gives the impression of the owner of the house itself.

NahTo add a beautiful and attractive look to the front of the house, you can build terrace pillars or posts.

Terrace poles can give a magnificent impression on the appearance of a house.

Here are some inspirations for rectangular terrace post models that are gathered from various sources.

10 Inspirations for the models of Square Terrace Poles

1. Elegant Empire Pillars

square core column model

This modern style house uses a box terrace pole model with an elegant brown dominating.

The terrace pillars are also covered with brown natural stone combined with beige and white wall paint.

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The design of the rectangular pole can be an inspiration for today’s homes.

2. Gray Box Pillar

square core column model

This minimalist model of the house terrace pole has a combination of several colors of wall paint.

Beige and light gray wall paint looks so sweet together.

The front view of the house is more attractive with large windows.

3. Core Pillars for 2 Storey Houses

square core column model

The look of this 2-storey luxury house is even more magnificent with two brown and white terrace pillars.

To make the pole look unusual, you can add a porch lamp with a unique design.

Guaranteed, definitely cool!

4. Rectangular pillar model of the house

square core column model

Using poles for the front porch of the house can make the house look more magnificent and sturdy.

To do this, choose a pole that fits your house model.

NahThis 2-story house uses the same pole pattern between the first and second floors.

5. Natural Stone Combination Core Pillar

square core column model

The natural stone terrace pole model is known as a material that is strong and durable enough for home terrace poles.

You can apply black, brown and white wall paint on a pole.

6. Ceramics on the pillars of the terrace

square core column model

The model of the terrace pole with ceramics can also be an option for the house that looks different from the usual one.

You can use ceramics with patterns that resemble natural stones.

Also, mix it with cool and elegant gray paint.

7. Minimalist Pole Design

square core column model

The minimalist pole model is still suitable for use in many residential models.

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The white color chosen is a timeless color.

The following rectangular terrace pillar models use bricks which are then coated with ivory white wall paint.

8. Picture 2 Core pillars with Lion Statues

square core column model

house models American style This comes with blue tiles and a predominance of white wall paint.

The front pillars of the house use a combination of concrete pillars and brown wooden ceramic motifs.

9. Black Color for Core Pillar

The pillars of the house terrace or the posts of the following terraces come with a glossy black ceramic coating.

The profile pattern of this simple home terrace pole still looks luxurious with decorative lights attached to the pole.

10. Pole Box with a wide page

A 1-story house with a large garden is perfect for using minimalist rectangular pillars.

Chicken one uses finished the painting of the wall is gray, while the other pillar is made of natural stone with a corresponding color.


Here are some rectangular terrace pole models that you can apply to minimalist homes.

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