10 Inspirational Mini Gardens at the Back of the House, Small and Beautiful!

10 Inspirational Mini Gardens at the Back of the House, Small and Beautiful!

Got a tight space behind the house? It’s a shame if it’s not taken care of and left alone. You can make a mini garden behind the house. There are several concepts that can be very useful. Of course, it also makes your home more beautiful and aesthetic.

What are they? Instead of being curious, let’s look at the inspiration for a mini garden behind the house. It can be a place to relax, wash clothes, even a place of worship. Immediately, see the discussion below!

The courtyard garden benefits from the vacant courses


Do you have an empty hallway behind the house? You can make a mini garden in this area. You can cover the soil area with small or medium pebbles. You can also add rocks along the way.

Don’t forget a little green to make the garden livelier. Finally, you can add wall pots that make the garden more beautiful. For a softer feel, you can paint the walls according to the garden setting.

Narrow Land Park for Sports Venue

Is the narrow corridor behind the house used as a place for sports? Why not? You can simply add grass for a comfortable jogging spot. Adding a square stone can also be an alternative, you know.

Your narrow garden can be good for health, right? If you already have a nice place like this, your enthusiasm for exercise will increase, right?

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Backyard Gardens for Places of Worship


A solemn and solemn atmosphere can be obtained from the atmosphere of a place that is also supportive. Well, the narrow garden behind your house can also be used as a place of worship, you know. To make a place of worship, you need to make a place with a wooden or tile floor.

On the sides, you can give plants in pots to give a calming impression. Want to be more interesting? You can add a water sculpture to create a calmer atmosphere.

Back Garden for Chat and Coffee

Another inspiration for the garden behind the narrow earth house can also be turned into a place to chat and have a coffee with the family. You just need to create an area with a small table and chairs to hang out.

Around this you can add potted plants and grass to add a fresh and beautiful impression. You can create an open or closed garden.

Garden with fish pond


The narrow dirt garden behind the house should be transformed into an attractive ornamental fish pond. You can make a small rock pool around which there are grass and flower pots.

The created fish pond can be a quiet and comfortable place. In fact, this mini garden behind the house can be a stress reliever or a place to find brilliant ideas. you know. Interested in trying it out?

Close park with Hammock

Places to relax at home can come from the mini garden behind your house. You can install a narrow ground behind the house hammock to relax. Hammock This doesn’t need a big place, really.

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As long as there is a place to hook both sides of the rope and enough for it to stretch. You can also decorate the surrounding area with artificial grass, plant pots, or small white rocks.

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Garden area and laundry


The mini garden behind the house is used as a washing area or laundry room, sounds interesting right? In this area you can wash clothes and dry minimalist clothes.

As a sweetener, add some decorations such as wallpaper and pots full of green plants. You can also use tiles or stones for a washing machine.

Small garden to relax in the morning


The small garden behind the house can also be a place to sunbathe or relax in the morning. Add some interior as chairs to sit and relax in the morning. Do not forget to give the interior green to make it fresher and more beautiful. How? Interested in creating a relaxed morning feeling behind the house?

Small garden for vegetables

Do you like to grow vegetables? You can plant green vegetables in the mini garden behind the house. You can plant in a pot to make it more organized. You can plant chilies, tomatoes, eggplants, etc.

For the ground, you can do it with artificial grass or small rocks that look clean and comfortable. Interesting right?

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Mini Garden Children’s playground Backyard

Do you have young children? You can also make a mini garden behind the house a place for children to play. you know. You can use synthetic grass that is comfortable for children to play on.

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Add some pillows or bag of beans small for a place to rest or read a book for children. This mini garden is so multifunctional, isn’t it? Come, try it!

Here are some inspirations for the garden behind the house with narrow soil. You can make a multifunctional place, like a place to relax, a place to relax laundry, or even a place of worship.

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