10 Inspiration for modern kitchen ceiling models that are easy to follow

10 Inspiration for modern kitchen ceiling models that are easy to follow

Minimalist Kitchen Ceiling Designs Inspirations

The model of the kitchen ceiling can be an interesting decoration point, of course, to make this kitchen area more pleasant. Take a look at the inspiration below.

You want to change the design of the kitchen area to make it more fresh and fun, changing the unique model of the kitchen ceiling can be the right solution.

There are many minimalist roofs that can be applied to many types of houses, especially if you have a minimalist house with a limited area of ​​land.

So, your creativity is tested to present a room that is aesthetic comfortable at the same time.

Therefore, playing with colors or making a mosaic of kitchen wall tiles is not enough.

You can try another way to present a ceiling like the following inspiration from www.lacrymosemedia.com.

Modern Kitchen Ceiling Designs Inspirations

1. Simple Kitchen Ceiling

Simple kitchen ceiling model

Simple kitchen ceiling. Source: instagram.com/inspirasidapurmama/

This simple model of the kitchen ceiling is usually implemented in many houses, maybe even in your house.

Ceiling chalk The white combined with the brown profile in each corner gives a firm impression to the kitchen.

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However, to make it even more attractive, you can decorate it with kitchen decorations as you wish.

2. Minimalist kitchen ceiling

Minimalist kitchen ceiling model

Minimalist kitchen ceiling. Source: instagram.com/inspirasidapurmama/

Kitchen roof with chalk it’s a common choice, but you can arrange it to be interesting.

One of them is to provide several lamps in each section with precision, choosing LED lights that are energy efficient.

With bright colors of wall paint, this kitchen space looks more spacious, even if the floor is narrow.

3. Kitchen PVC Ceiling Model


A minimalist home can also have a unique kitchen design, as in the picture above, which can be a decoration accent.

The PVC ceiling can be a kitchen solution that looks different from the atmosphere in general, including other rooms of the house.

You can make a room look spacious with white, the easiest way to change the atmosphere of the kitchen.

4. Beautiful Kitchen Ceiling

Beautiful kitchen ceiling model

Beautiful kitchen ceiling model. Source: unsplash/@rarchitecture_melbourne

This kitchen ceiling model is like in general, but you don’t need to worry.

Additional black chandelier ornaments and a clean kitchen concept change the atmosphere to be more pleasant.

Do not forget to mix and match the kitchen sets with bright and neutral colors such as white and basic wood colors.

5. Unique Kitchen Ceiling Model with Wood

unique kitchen ceiling model

unique kitchen ceiling Source: arsitag.com

Bored with the concept of a white kitchen roof? You can try the wooden ceiling model above, it’s really cool.

The atmosphere of the kitchen is fresher with wood colors that make it look simple and elegant.

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Place a bar table and a few chairs at the bottom of the wooden ceiling to make it look more attractive.

6. Ceiling Simple Minimalist Kitchen with Gypsum

Simple minimalist kitchen ceiling with plaster

Simple minimalist kitchen ceiling with plaster. Source: unsplash @sidekix

It is nothing new to add a chandelier as a room sweetener, an attractive decoration.

You can also try to apply it to a kitchen with a roof chalk like the inspiration picture above.

The dominant kitchen concept with white color also makes the room cleaner and fresher.

7. Latest model Minimalist Ceiling Kitchen


This minimalist kitchen design with a wooden ceiling can also brighten up an otherwise plain room, making it more attractive.

The simple touch of wooden beams arranged in order and parallel to the white color combination with the kitchen set looks amazing.

You can also evoke a minimalist feeling with a beautiful wooden floor or parquet like this one.

8. Suitable Ceiling for Luxury Kitchens

Ceiling models that are suitable for luxury kitchens

Ceiling suitable for luxury kitchens. Source: [email protected]

Having a large area of ​​land to make a kitchen must always be adapted to the concept used.

You can make a terrace kitchen ceiling with lights LED strip, There are different shades in the kitchen huh.

Also mix with chandeliers and floors vinyl which makes this kitchen place even more elegant and luxurious.

9. Wooden Kitchen Ceiling Model

beautiful wooden kitchen ceiling model

Source: pxhere.com/Diviakajo

This ceiling model has a high aesthetic value because it uses a beautiful wood material.

You will have a natural, elegant and luxurious impression at the same time in a kitchen room in the kitchen.

10. Exposed Concrete Kitchen Ceiling Model

exposed concrete kitchen ceiling model

Source: Decoist

Another great kitchen inspiration is to use an exposed concrete ceiling.

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You can give an industrial impression to your kitchen with techniques infinite on the kitchen ceiling.


This is the inspiration for the modern kitchen ceiling model that is easy to imitate at home. What do you think?

You can also try beautiful simple kitchen decorations to apply at home. Don’t hesitate.

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