10 gift ideas for office friends with a budget of IDR 200,000

10 gift ideas for office friends with a budget of IDR 200,000

gifts for office friends

Giving a gift to a colleague who just got a promotion can be a way to show appreciation. This gift can be unique useful articles which is your partner’s favorite.

In addition, today there are many types of attractive gifts at affordable prices. So, you don’t need to be confused looking for gift ideas that are suitable for coworkers.

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Gift Recommendations for Friends of the Budget Office Rp. 200 Thousand

This time, we will share some of the recommendations that you can choose from.

1. Office Friend Gift Card Wallet

Gift card wallet for the office friend
Ogon Tempat Kartu Big Stockholm Carbon

Today, many people prefer to carry cards more than cash. Well, you can give a card portfolio to a friend at work as a promotion gift.

Choose a bag that is waterproof and can hold up to 10 cards, and is equipped with RFID protection.

2. Office Friend Gift Stainless steel mug

office mug gifts
Appetite 520 Ml Jeshi Mug Vacuum Flask – Hitam

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So that your colleagues are more excited to work, you can also give vacuum mug flask which is able to maintain the temperature of the drink for up to 8 hours.

Give mug with a capacity of 520 ml made of stainless steels so they can make coffee and tea easily.

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3. Office Friend Gift Set Organizer Table

desk organizer friend gift
Desk Organizer – Black

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Organizer This table made of metal comes with a minimalist design and a solid shape, so it is suitable to make as a gift for your coworkers.

As it is organizer these, can store accessories and office supplies easily and much cleaner.

4. Gifts for Office Friends Wireless headphones

wireless headphones office friend gift
Ataru Wireless Earphone Tws Sa35 – Hitam

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Headphone Wireless can be the best gift for your coworkers. Choose eharpoon which has a clear sound quality and is equipped with a set ears which may be adapted to the listener’s ear.

5. Wireless keyboard

Gift for the keyboard office friend
Ataru K921 wireless keyboard & M31 mouse – Biru

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In addition headphonesyou can also give keyboard wireless as a gift to work colleagues.

One of our recommendations is ATARU wireless keyboard which has a slim design and can be carried anywhere. Of course, doing office work will be easier with keyboard This.

6. Portable fan

portable fan
Ataru Portable Rechargeable Hanging Fan – White

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You can also give a gift in the form of a portable fan. Thus, they can always cool by placing this fan on the table. Choose a portable fan model with use that reaches 2.5-7 hours based on the selected speed.

7. Table lamp

Desk lamp gift to office friend
Ataru Table Lamp – White

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The next prize is a table lamp measuring 10 x 10 x 20 cm. Besides being a light, this lamp can also be used as a room decoration. Choose a lamp that the level of light can be adjusted, ie bright yellow and dim.

8. That Laptop

that laptop
Tas Laptop Briefcase 40×5.5×30.5 Cm – Abu Abu

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So that your colleagues can carry their laptop easily, you can give them a laptop bag. Choose a laptop bag made of quality polyester, and equipped with several compartments.

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9. Adapter

office friend gift adapter
Ataru Usb 3.0 to 4 USB Hub 3.0 Adapter – Abu-abu

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Usually, we need an adapter to connect more devices harbor computers and laptops. Well, you can give this as a gift to them.

Choose a compact form so you can easily carry it anywhere.

10. Power Bank

Power bank office friend gift
Ataru Power Bank Slim Qc 10,000 Mah – white

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You can too give power bank as a gift idea. Select power bank equipped with features fast charging so the loading process is faster.

Other than that, be sure power bank it has a capacity of 10,000 mAh to charge more than 1 cellphone.

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These are different gift ideas for office friends that you can easily pass on variety.

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