10 Examples of Luxury Tarung Butterfly Door Designs for Residential

10 Examples of Luxury Tarung Butterfly Door Designs for Residential

What is a butterfly gate?

The combat butterfly door is a type of door that consists of two openings. Because it has two openings, this door gives the owner a luxurious and elegant impression. Usually, butterfly doors of struggle are used for houses of large size. But along with the times, now there are also butterfly doors with smaller dimensions that can be used even in smaller houses.

10 Examples of Luxury Tarung Butterfly Door Designs for Residential

This combat butterfly door is a combat butterfly door with a classic design. Accompanied by the presence of windows in each part of the door, of course to install this door you need a sufficient space. For those of you who like a minimalist design, then this door is a perfect choice.

Second, this combat butterfly door is also suitable for those of you who like a minimalist design. With a wooden line accent on the window, this door always looks stand out although the design is very simple. Like the previous design, installing this door requires a large space because it is quite large.

Want to install a combat butterfly door but have a smaller area? This door can be a solution because on the left and right there are no attached windows. The design is also very simple so it is also suitable for medium-sized houses.

Similar to the third combat butterfly door, this combat butterfly door does not even have windows attached to the left and right sides. The difference is, at the top and bottom of this door there are box accents that add more to the beauty of the overall look. The natural color of this door also makes the door suitable to be combined with any wall paint color.

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Fifth, for those of you looking for a simple door but still catches the eye, then this door design can be a reference. With slanted lines throughout the door, the door will always be unique even if the design is only box-shaped.

This combat butterfly door is really simple, but its size is quite large and there is a black outline that makes it attractive. Combined with white wall paint, this door looks so dominant.

Let’s move on to the designs for those of you who like unique and quirky designs. This wrestling butterfly door has triangular accents throughout the door. This triangular accent is deliberately raised so that it can be seen from a distance by many people.

Apart from having a triangular accent, this door is no less interesting. With detailed sculpture accents in all parts of the door, usually the selling price of a door like this tends to be more expensive because the process also requires high concentration. Also, the sculptures are very beautiful and are all over the door.

Those of you who want a fighting door with a royal style design, may be able to imitate this design. The presence of gold circle accents makes this fighting door look so luxurious and elegant. In addition, it is combined with a dark brown color of the door, which really highlights the golden color in all parts of the door. Besides, leave handle The door is also very unique in the shape of a golden circle.

Want a door with another super-luxury royal design? Maybe this design is for you. With ornate carvings on the handles and gold accents throughout the door, it manages to give the impression of luxury and expensiveness.

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image source: pinterest