10 Elegant and Modern Minimalist Fence Inspirations

10 Elegant and Modern Minimalist Fence Inspirations

In the modern era like today, the external appearance of the house is a matter of great concern. One of them is a minimalist fence that makes your home elegant and modern.

Not only as a protector, the aesthetic value of a house is a point that must be considered in the future. This is the first impression when people see the house we live in.

In the following article, we provide some references for those of you who are looking for ideas to make a fence. You don’t need a large capital, but you can feel the elegant and contemporary impression of a minimalist fence.

Here are 10 modern fence inspirations that you can use as a reference to create a modern and elegant home design.

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1. House Fence Made Of Iron

Minimalist iron fence
Minimalist iron fence

The models of house fences made of iron are very commonly used by most households. Of course, this was chosen because the iron material is very strong to be used as a fence even if there is a risk of rusting.

You need to use a special coat of paint so that your iron fence does not rust quickly. In addition, you can adjust the size of the fence model that you need according to the conditions of your home.

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2. House fence with frosted glass

Lately, many modern minimalist houses have used this type of fence with frosted glass. This fence uses tempered glass that is not so solid and frosted that has a thickness of about 3/4 inch.

The disadvantage of this type of minimalist fence is that its strength is not very early, especially during stormy conditions. However, you still get a modern and elegant design in return.

3. Wooden house fence

Wood is a material that is commonly used for the exterior and interior of the house. Fences that use wood can give an elegant impression and solid durability.

You can add a few plants around the fence so that the atmosphere in front of your house is more lively and comfortable. In addition, the fence with wood material is quite easy to adapt to all the shapes of the house.

4. Aluminum House Fence

For those of you who want to reduce costs while getting a modern and elegant minimalist fence model, aluminum material is the answer. Aluminum fences are generally cheaper than iron and steel.

The look is also elegant with matte paint that adds a luxurious impression to the design and appearance of the fence. You can also add motif designs and other ornaments to make it look more luxurious.

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5. Bamboo house fence

minimalist bamboo fence
Minimalist bamboo fence (Photo: bambooimport.com)

For those of you who like a natural and beautiful atmosphere, you can make a minimalist bamboo model fence. This fence is suitable for most types of houses in Indonesia.

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The price is quite affordable where you can also do it quite easily. Even so, you need to do routine maintenance on this type of fence. This is because the fence of the bamboo house is made of organic native bamboo that requires maintenance.

6. Wooden fence and stone wall

The combination of wood and stone walls makes your fence more modern and sturdy. Solid wood material coupled with hard stone walls add security to your fence.

This type of fence has excellent functionality while at the same time you have a modern aesthetic value.

7. Rustic type house fence

This type of rustic fence is generally found in rural areas. With a minimalist design, but it still looks modern, of course, it provides good comfort.

Like wooden fences and stone walls, this rustic type fence provides good value in terms of functionality and beauty. Suitable for those of you who have a large house and live in the countryside.

8. Wooden house fence and concrete wall

Wooden fence and concrete walls
Wooden fence and concrete wall (Photo: pinterest)

This type of minimalist fence is quite interesting in terms of design. With solid concrete walls accompanied by solid wood, give the facade of your house an attractiveness.

This wooden fence and concrete wall also provides a good privacy comfort because it has a good height and density. So it provides more comfort for the occupants of the house that have it.

9. Louvre Wall House Fence

For those of you who want more privacy, this minimalist fence is the best choice. It is furnished with solid dark wood and a dazzling lattice.

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You will find a fence that is robust functional and also aesthetic in design that gives you a sense of security and comfort.

10. Brick House Fence

minimalist brick wall house fence
Brick wall house fence (Photo: pinterest)

The brick design on the minimalist fence of the house gives a retro impression, but it is still elegant. The costs you spend are not that expensive and the manufacturing is relatively easy.

Generally, homes that use this type of fence add some vegetation around the fence. This gives the impression of a beautiful and natural garden. Make the facade of the house cooler with a minimalist design.

Here are some minimalist fence models that you can make a reference for your residence. So, have you decided what fence you want to make? I hope this article is helpful!