10 Design Inspirations for 2 Story Guest Houses with Narrow Floors

10 Design Inspirations for 2 Story Guest Houses with Narrow Floors

2 story guest house design inspiration

Here are some inspirations for the design of a narrow 2-story guesthouse. It can be built on a modest budget!

Having a narrow land sometimes makes us confused when we want to build a building.

In addition, if the building is a pension. Of course, we must be smart in organizing the layout of the room, right?

Kost or kos-kosan itself is an inn building occupied by migrants from outside the city.

Usually, pensions are the target because the prices are more affordable compared to other hostels.

Having a pension in a narrow area is not impossible.

With a small budget, you can also make a charming 2-story guesthouse design.

Check out the inspiration below, go!

Narrow Land 2 Floor Boarding House Design Inspiration

1. Design of a Pension with 2 Narrow Ground Floors Letter U

inspiration for the design of a 2-story guesthouse with a narrow lot

Source: Elazzamjayamandiri.com

For the owners of narrow plots, there is no need to be confused, because you can also build a guesthouse consisting of 2 floors.

For example, you can form a pension like letter The, where each building is facing.

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If there is space left in the middle, it can be used as a parking area.

The design of this 2-story guesthouse is able to provide good lighting and air circulation in every room.

2. Minimalist pension design

minimalist 2 story guest house design

Source: Riaulink.com

The design of this 2-storey guest house carries a minimalist design.

The minimalist concept itself is very suitable to be applied to buildings that are located on narrow land.

The reason is that this concept can make buildings look cleaner and wider.

3. Industrial Style 2-Floor Boarding House Design

2 storey guesthouse design in narrow industrial style

Source: Jogjaaja.com

If the Owners are tired of the same 2-story pension design, try to apply an industrial style to the building.

The industrial style itself has characteristics in the form of the use of wood and concrete in the buildings, the walls that impress. infiniteexposed ceiling, and the use of dark colors in the room.

This concept is a trend among young people, because it can give an aesthetic impression.

4. Simple pension design

simple 2 story guesthouse design

Source: Greenburialsheville.com

Although it is simple and built on a small plot, this guesthouse is still charming.

Applying neutral colors to the building makes the guesthouse look very clean and tidy.

At the front of the room, there are decorative lights as the main lighting and there is a minimalist staircase that leads to the top floor.

5. Cool and Beautiful 2-Floor Boarding House Design

2 story guesthouse design with narrow floor that is cool and beautiful

Source: Baanlaesuan.com

The beautiful and fresh impression can be felt immediately when the Owners see the design of this 2-story guesthouse.

Although the land is limited, this guesthouse still leaves some space to be used as a front garden.

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This is a plus in itself and is suitable for those of you who have a hobby of farming.

6. Extended retirement plan

Extended retirement plan

Source: Tfqarsitek.com

A solution that can be done when you have a narrow plot is to apply an elongated building design.

In addition, if the land you own has a length that is greater than the width.

One of the advantages of this type of building is that you can have a guesthouse with several rooms.

7. Design of a Pension with 2 Narrow Ground Floors Letter L

simple but charming guesthouse

Source: Detikhak.com

If the land is larger than its length, you can design a pension in the form of a pension letter I like the picture above.

This design can make the building appear wider.

In the middle, you can make a parking lot, a garden, a garden or an open green space.

8. Small Charming 2 Floor Boarding House Design

2 storey guesthouse design

Source: Agoda.com

Do you want to build a simple but charming guesthouse? Try to follow the inspiration of the pension as above, go!

This guesthouse consists of two floors, in front of the room there are ornamental plants that can make the building cooler.

Application of color cream in every building it makes the impression of minimalism more and more radiated.

9. Luxury 2 Floor Boarding House Design

2 storey guest house design with luxury narrow floor

Source: Facebook.com

Even if the size of the land is tight, don’t get me wrong, you can still do it cook make a 2-story guesthouse with a luxury design. For example, like the picture above

The wooden and iron partitions and the use of natural stone on some walls can amaze someone with the design of the building.

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Also, in front, a garden area has been built which makes the guesthouse look very elegant.

10. 2-story guesthouse design colorful

a simple but charming guesthouse that is colorful

Source: Medan.jawa.media

The design of this 2-storey guesthouse looks very unique.

This is because each guest room uses a different paint color.

Building a minimalist 2-story guesthouse design is not too difficult and the costs are definitely quite affordable.


These are a number of inspirations for the design of a 2-story guesthouse with a narrow floor.

Hope this article helps, Property People!

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