10 delicious practical Takjil and ideas for the fasting menu

10 delicious practical Takjil and ideas for the fasting menu

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Entering the month of fasting, certainly not complete without delicious takjil and breaking the fast. Especially you you can find a variety of street food vendors in the month of fasting, ranging from snacks to heavy meals.

However, you certainly can’t keep buying, can you? You see, there are many needs that must be purchased in the month of fasting, so you also save money, even in terms of food.

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Well, one of the solutions so that you can always enjoy your favorite menu is to cook it yourself. Thus, you can take a menu of economy and according to taste.

Indonesia is truly famous for its abundant culinary offerings. Of course, you can make a very different takjil and iftar menu.

So here are some tips for takjil and iftar menus that you can do during the fasting month.

1. Banana compote

banana compote
Source: Halojabar

Who has ever tasted banana compote during the month of fasting? The takjil menu of this million people has a special sweetness from the combination of bananas and coconut milk sauce, you know. It is not surprising, the banana compote always manages to shake the tongue.

Take it easy, the banana compote recipe is not difficult for you to make. Be sure to bring it kitchen utensils better, like this pan and spatula.

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2. Fruit Ice

fruit ice cream
Source: Filmela

After being thirsty and hungry all day, fruit ice cream is a good choice of takjil to quench thirst. Usually, fruit ice cream contains watermelon, melon, dragon fruit and sweet syrup.

So, to make it easier to make fruit ice cream, you can use cutlery, such as the following large cups and cups.

glasses for the takjil menu
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serving bowl
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3. Green grass jelly ice

less takjil and iftar
Source: PT Natural Indococonut Organic

Lack of fluids during fasting can cause heartburn, you know. If you keep leaving, this will definitely be annoying, right? So, you can create green grass ice jelly when breaking the fast to relieve heartburn and quench thirst.

4. Young Coconut Ice

less takjil and iftar
Source: Halodoc

A practical menu of takjil that is no less refreshing is young coconut ice. In addition to being delicious, young coconut ice is also good for the body because it can maintain digestive health, regulate blood pressure and maintain cholesterol.

To make young coconut ice cream, you only need coconuts as the main ingredient and other additional components, such as ice cubes and lemon. Also prepare glasses and pitcher beautiful, yes

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5. Fried

less takjil and iftar
Source: Good News From Indonesia

Fried food is a mandatory iftar menu in Indonesia. The crispy and tasty taste of fried foods, accompanied by sweet tea, will be even tastier.

To make fried, you don’t always use oil. You can also use it air fryer The following is to make it more economical, healthier, and able to cook without oil, you know.

black air fryer
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air fryer for the takjil menu
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6. Toast

less takjil and iftar
Source: Filmela

Not only for sahur and breakfast menus, you can also make toast as a takjil dish in the month of fasting.

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Use a toaster to make it easier when making. Or, you can also use it frying pan to make bread. After that, add it toppinglike chocolate, cheese and nuts to make it taste even better.

Complete with a cup of coffee to make it taste even more delicious. Well, we have recommendations for cooking equipment that you can have below.

Toaster less Takjil
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frying pan
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fasting menu of takjil and rendang
Source: Filmela

Breaking the fast feels incomplete without it less processed meat that can provide energy, such as rendang, curry, and others.

Of course, meat processing cannot be arbitrary. You need to use quality kitchen utensils to produce delicious food.

The following is a recommendation for making a pan processed meat recipes favorite

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8. Vegetable soup

takjil menu and chicken soup fast break
Source: cookapahariini.com

If you like a soup menu that can calm your stomach, you can do it Soup as an iftar menu. In addition to being easy and practical, this menu is also healthy due to the high content of fibers and vitamins from vegetables.

Vegetable soup can also be a perfect iftar menu to meet your daily nutritional needs, after the whole day of keeping thirsty and hungry.

Credit: Pexels/Engin Akyurt

Practical iftar menu what is not less than the other dishes is the pasta, especially if you do not have much time to cook.

When the dough is made, you can add different things topping on Then, use a large pot so that the dough you make does not break.

large pan
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less bread iftar
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10. Patisserie

Finally, you can provide meals, such as nastar and cat’s tongue as a snack at iftar and sahur. Also, when you plan to break your fast at home.

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To make the most delicious cakes, choose cheap and quality ingredients and equipment. After that, put the cake inside staples beautiful, yes

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Here are some tips for takjil and iftar menus that you can make at home. To make the cooking activity easier, you can use it kitchen utensils from varietyof!

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