10 Delicious New Year’s Grilled Menu

10 Delicious New Year’s Grilled Menu

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It doesn’t seem like the end of the year is coming soon. Many people start preparing different interesting events to do with family and friends. How about trying the New Year’s grill menu?

Also, BBQ events can be fun when done while welcoming the new year.

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Without further ado, here are some tips for New Year’s menus that you can make at home.

1. Different Flavors Grilled Corn

burn new year
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This first menu has always been there. Yes, toasted wheat. Who doesn’t like this food? With a variety of flavors, from sweet milk to sweet and spicy to BBQ, this menu is a crowd favorite.

Especially when you gather at night, you do not feel well if there is no presence of this food. You can also make it yourself at home following the recipe here.

2. Yellow seasoned grilled fish

Grilled fish recipe with yellow spices
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If you get together with your family, be sure to present this refreshing dish, OK? Grilled yellow fish can be a special menu that brings a more pleasant feeling of togetherness.

Try making soy sauce and cayenne pepper sauce that will definitely make it taste even better. Interested in making a yellow spice grilled fish recipe? Check it out here, come on!

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3. Balado grilled sausage

Grilled sausage recipe less

This menu is very popular with many groups. You can also cook with a toaster or Teflon, you know.

In addition to being easy to do, this menu can also be said to be the most practical and does not prevent you from hiding a lot of laundry at home. You can make a delicious grilled sausage recipe here.

4. Soy Sauce Meat Satay

meat satay
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The next idea is meat satay. You can make meat satay by adding chopped peppers and onions to the middle of the meat.

In any case, prepare this satay in the morning, before the event begins so that it is faster to burn at night. Therefore, your moments of connection with relatives will not be lost.

5. Roasted marshmallows

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If you have discussed the menu with the salty taste, this time we will move on to sweets for a moment. How to test marshmallow? do it marshmallow Sandwiches can be a dessert idea when approaching the turn of a new year or a family event, you know.

You can invite the closest people to sit in a circle near a grill or a fire. So, try roasting marshmallows together while talking and singing.

6. Sate Squid Chewy

burn new year
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In addition to making meat satay, you can also serve sachewy and delicious squid tea. Because it is seafood, of course, squid satay can bring freshness to your dinner.

How to make it too easy. Simply cut the squid and make it into satay. So, you need to cover it with spices to make it taste better.

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7. Honey Chicken

grilled chicken
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One more main menu that cannot be missed at the BBQ event, namely the grilled chicken. Well, you can try presenting a sweet and salty honey grilled chicken menu at dinner.

You can enjoy this menu by adding hot rice and fresh vegetables, and chili paste to make it taste more delicious. Check out the delicious honey grilled chicken recipe here!

8. Shrimp Satay

shrimp satay
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Have you ever tried shrimp satay? If not, try to do it yourself for the next New Year’s event. Shrimp with a crunchy and refreshing texture will be tasty, you know.

If you like it spicy, you can rub the spicy seasoning on the shrimp satay to add to the pleasure. Simply mix chili sauce, oyster sauce and butter for a delicious spread.

9. Soy Sauce Grilled Ribs

i cook
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Meat lovers will not refuse this menu. Yes, grilled ribs! You can present this delicious menu at a New Year’s dinner, you know. You can also eat with the people closest to you while casually chatting.

To make it cook faster, it is better if you cook it earlier during the day and heat it only at night. Be sure to rub the ribs with delicious seasonings, ok? You can follow the recipe for the grilled ribs here.

10. Grilled meatballs

burn new year
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The last menu recommendation you can try is grilled meatballs. You can often find this menu on street food. For the taste, there is no need to doubt because it is delicious and tasty.

You can make this food a favorite main snack menu for children to adults, you know. If you like spicy, you can apply chili sauce mixed with oyster sauce to make it more delicious.

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Recommendations for BBQ Grill tools

So, there are many dishes that you can prepare for New Year’s Eve. So that this grilled menu has a more delicious taste, you can use a BBQ grill, as we recommend below.

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Happy New Year’s Day at home with your loved ones!