10 Daily Skin Care Routines That Must Be Followed

10 Daily Skin Care Routines That Must Be Followed

daily skin care routine

Skin care it has become an inseparable part of every day. Also, the function skin care it stays that way skin of the face and the body remains clean, prevents aging, and looks smooth. Therefore, the order skin care can’t be wrong.

Usually, the order skin care starting from the most liquid texture to the coarsest. This is intended for that skin care that we use to work optimally.

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No wonder the type, brand and use skin care more and more different. As well, skin care and beauty products in the morning and evening may be different.

So, what does a daily skin care routine look like?

So it is not wrong to wear it skin care every day, see the following sequence.

1. Micellar water o Purifying balm

Order skin care The first routine that should not be missed is facial cleansing micellar water o cleansing balm. Both products skin care this both work to raise waste make up and the earth on the face.

Micellar water is a water-based facial cleanser, while cleansing balm oil or oil-based.

micellar water urtan skincareSource: freepik.com

2. Face wash

After the face is cleaned by compose dsoil, continue with face wash or facial wash. Double cleaning This serves to ensure that the remains of make-up have been removed perfectly.

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Choose a face wash that is gentle and in accordance with the type of facial skin. For owners of sensitive skin, avoid use facial wash with details bush

3. The Third Skincare Sequence is the Mascara

Using masks is actually tempting because you can use them before or after you use toner.

There are two types of masks that we can use, namely: clay o to wash off which acts as an exfoliant and sheet mask to moisturize the face.

For the mask type clay o to wash, must be used before the toner because it must be cleaned with water. While for sheet mask, you can wear it later toner to replace the role essence.

mask skin care sequence
Source: pexels.com

4. Toner such as Sequence Skin care Fourth

Toner serves to ensure that there are no more impurities on the surface of the facial skin. There are two ways to use toner that you need to know.

The first way is to pour the toner directly on the surface of the face, then pat gently.

While the second way is to use cotton. You can pour the toner on a cotton pad and gently rub it on your face. Usually, the fine dirt that remains on the face will be removed if you use a cotton swab.

5. Essence

After use toneryou can use it essence. Many people are missing essence and immediately use the serum. Whereas, essence it works to emulsify the face so that it can perfectly absorb the serum

If you don’t want too many products skin careyou can use it essence which was contained in sheet mask.

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6. Serum

Serum is a liquid that has a higher viscosity than essence. This is because the serum contains various active substances and nutrients to overcome various facial skin problems.

You can use 2-3 types of serum at once. In any case, make sure that the content in the serum is safe to use together and give an interval of 5-10 minutes before using the next serum.

serum skin care routine
Source: freepik.com

7. Moisturizing cream

Even if you have oily skin, you should not skip the stage of using a moisturizer or facial moisturizer. Moisturizer works to moisturize the skin and make sure you stay hydrated, especially for dry skin.

Therefore, the epidermis layer on the facial skin is maintained and not easily damaged.

8. Eye cream

Panda eyes or big black bags under the eyes often make us feel less confident. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because you can use it eye cream in the eye of the eye.

Eye cream It contains active ingredients that can soothe tired eyes and fade dark circles under the eyes.

eye cream skin care routine
Source: pexels.com

9. Spot treatment

For owners of sensitive skin and acne, the order skin care a daily routine that should not be missed is spot treatment which is used on only problem areas, such as areas with acne, acne scars, black spots, and so on.

You can skip this step if you don’t have a problem that is bothering you.

10. Sunscreenn such as Sequence Skin care The last morning

The last step when you bring skin care the morning is sunscreen or sunscreen. Sunscreen serves to protect the skin of the face from exposure to the sun.

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Even if we are at home, we should not forget to use it sunscreen because light can also affect the condition of the face. The benefits of sunscreen can also be to protect the facial skin to avoid dirt that causes acne.

sun skin care routine
Source: freepik.com

Here are some sequences skin care daily routine that you need to know and that you can not miss.

Recommended tools for face care

Well, you can use it facial care tools such as facial massage to ensure everything skin care absorbed well in the face.

Here are some tips for facial treatments that you can use.

  1. Facial Massage Tool

Facial massage tool jade works to make the products skin care that we use can work more optimally. In addition, this facial massage tool can also train the facial muscles, increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation. double chin

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2. Facial steamer

After cleaning your face, you can use it facial steam This tool serves to moisturize the skin and open the facial pores. So, you can apply more easily skin care other

Kels Paris Facial Steamer
Kels Paris Facial Steamer

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3. Facial Cleansing Tool

In addition to using cotton, you can also clean your face with a tool facial cleanser automatic.

This tool is equipped with four types of brushes and sponges, including: soft brush to remove dirt and blackheads, beautiful spouses to clean the fine soil, massage head to smooth the structure of the skin, and foundation sponge.

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In addition, we also need to organize different skin care and cosmetics neatly on the toilet.

Don’t worry, we have some tips organizer Cosmetics that you can buy throughruparupa.com, are the following.

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